4 Things You Can Do To Be A Good Neighbour

Are you a good neighbour to the people living near you? Or are you somebody that they regret moving next to? Hopefully, you’re the former, but consider the following and see how many of these good neighbour traits you can relate to.



#1: Keep the outside of your property clean and tidy

If your home exterior is dirty and messy, you could be responsible for bringing down the house prices in your local area! You will also be responsible for the chuntering and grumbling that can be heard whenever people walk past your home. To be a good neighbour, ensure the outside of your home is clean and tidy.

Powerwash your driveway and walls, remove any debris from your garden, and mow your lawn once in a while. Your neighbours will then have less reason to get annoyed with you every time they look out of their window, and you will set a good standard for others to follow.



#2: Keep the noise down

Be sensitive to the people living next door to you, especially if the walls in your home are quite thin. If you’re constantly playing loud music, listening to the TV at full volume, and singing your favourite songs at operatic levels, you will do much to annoy those neighbours who are working from home, trying to sleep, or simply trying to enjoy peace and quiet.

Of course, there are other noises you might be making in your home, so be mindful. If you’re unsure, buy a noise sensor from Minut to track your sound levels or simply speak to your neighbours to find out what they can and can’t hear. 



#3: Be there for your neighbours

When your neighbour needs your help, don’t be that person who closes the door in their face! If they genuinely need your help, you should say ‘yes’ more times than saying ‘no.’ After all, there might come a time when you need to reach out to others, and if you have a neighbour that you have a good relationship with, you will have somebody there to support you in your time of need.

So, do what you can to assist your neighbours by being kind, generous, and supportive. If you can be a good neighbour to them, they will one day be a good neighbour to you. 



#4: Make new neighbours feel welcome

Do you remember your first day in your property? Did you feel welcomed by the people living nearby or did they do nothing to accept you into the neighbourhood? Hopefully, it was the former, but even if people did keep themselves to themselves, you can be a better person when it comes to new people moving into your locale. Introduce yourself to them.

Let them know about things in the community that might interest them. And even bake them a cake or provide some other type of housewarming gift. Yes, the new neighbour might be rude and off-putting to you, but then again, they might be glad of a friendly face as they settle into their new neighbourhood. 


These are just a few suggestions and you probably have ideas of your own. Do what you can to be a good neighbour then, for their sake as well as your own, as it will make a positive difference to your local community. 


Photos from Pixabay

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  1. I always feel like we were letting the neighbourhood down with our lack of lawn mowing, but with juggling a new baby and jobs it was always hard. We are a lot better now we have a little more time.