Bottle feeding – Bottles The Review

Time for a review in the Bottle department.

I tried some brands and for those I can speak on my experience and how my baby dealt with them.
Every child is different so be aware THAT this is my experience with my baby.

Brand: MAM
Love them! Practical to use and practical when going out.
They sterilize in the microwave if necessary (at home I sterilize normally in the sterilizer, when going to family/friends place I use the microwave). They have a cool design and you can buy the bottle in the color you like. For me MAM demonstrated that is a brand I can trust and I recommend a 100%. This special brand has a special teat and in the bottom of the bottle you can see the holes in which the air (from sucking) goes through.
Therefore is my favorite!

Brand: Tommee Tippee
Another brand I recommend. It’s teat is in the shape of the Breast (“Booby shape”) which is useful if you plan to breast feed and bottle feed as well (through putting breast milk in the bottle so you can go out and your husband feed and bond with the baby as well), and specially…is affordable. UK made, you have a huge variety of choices for your baby inside the brand. The teats that I use are of 2 kinds (seen below), I recommend having both.

Brand: Chicco
By all means you’re the judge but… Don’t buy!! They are horrible! The teat are so last century, they are not practical, when you close the teat to feed, if you put too much pressure you break the teat or simply it will leak everywhere; and the baby swallows too much air and simply can’t drink. If you don’t put the cap correctly (which is not easy) you have to center the teat with the center of the cap or otherwise when you shake the bottle there will be milk everywhere!
I am not very fond of the brand (not everything) but the bottles….good heavens no way!

Brand: NUK Disney
I was on vacation and decide to buy a bottle “souvenir” to my baby. I bought these bottles from NUK, excellent bottle, excellent teat, nice design, very cute but… the cap was a nightmare. I used only at home since I couldn’t close the cap or if I closed it, I could open it (only with a knife)… one thing for sure: They are resistant and for the price and quality is very good. A must have as well.

What’s on my Sterilizer right now?
MAM and Tommee Tippe.


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