Review: Mommy is a Worrywart Book by Jenni Kaye

Does Mommy worry too much? 

Little Hedge thinks Mommy is a worrywart. 
But does she really have anything to worry about? Other than sharks, strange creatures and space aliens, that is… 
Mommy is a Worrywart explores the fears of parenthood through the eyes of a mischievous little child.

My Review:

This Book is a MUST HAVE in our children’s bookshelf!!
Beyond cuteness, It simply explain kids why does mum worry so much in a simple way.
I love this book, My 7 months old loved it to the point that he now wants to her me read it over and over.

About the Author:
Jenni Kaye is an author from US and this is her 2nd book. The first book she wrote is called All Hallow’s ABC and won the bronze medal at 2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Writing and Illustrating her own books, For me was an honor knowing her.

Thank you Jenni for this beautiful gift!


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