Brother Max 6 in 1 Thermometer Review

This is the new 6 in 1 Thermometer from Brother Max.

They kindly sent me this thermometer to test and review.

I previously had a thermometer for the forehead or/and ear, which works really well, it even shows the room temperature and it was a great thing (as you can see in the video below) to compare the 2 of them.

My great expectations on this thermometer was (as any Big kid/adult) to explore the infinity of things you can measure (yes laugh about but whoever buys this kind of thermometer will make the same).

The practical side of this thermometer is:
– The batteries last like 6 months if used daily…so they can last more,
– You can check finally the real temperature of the baby bath (forget winnie the pooh thermometer or the ducky that says HOT),
– You can check quickly what room temperature you have (good for avoiding the SIDS)
– Check your baby’s bottle temperature (some people don’t have the notion of temperature)
– Check your baby weaning food temperature
– Check temperature from the forehead, eyelids (so the light is not a laser type, all the skin really).

One of the things I noticed is that the button for the face (forehead and eyelids as well) takes a lot of time to show you the temperature.
I thought my thermometer was faulty, but is just a matter of a non evasive laser to try and get the temperature.

If your takes too much time, please check in with Brother Max company. 

So giving a review from 1 to 5, it gets a 4 from Artsmum.

Check my full video


Cheerio #BrotherMax6in1thermometer

Thank you to Brother Max
My opinion is Honest and Unbiased

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