Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist

After almost 1 year, I was asked what did I put in my Maternity Bag… Oh the memories!!!

So, in the UK, there are things that you should take and some that you don’t. the list that the Midwife gives you is not exactly accurate on what to take.

I took 2 bags for the Maternity. One for me and one for the baby.

I washed the baby’s clothes when I was 7 months, so I could be prepared for an emergency, and my bag was prepared when i was 8 months and a half and placed in an strategic place.

One note: If your waters broke, at home or in the street, make sure you have big Pads with you… you’ll need them!

Mummy Bag:

  • 1 night gown, large and comfy. The hospital will give you a gown for when you have your baby, this gown will be for when you’re bathed and nursing you new baby.
  • Your Green Notes! Very important!
  • 1 bag with toiletries: toothbrush, a mini toothpaste, a pack of tissues, a comb/brush, an elastic band or a head band, a miniature of shampoo and conditioner. No shower gel, or at least one with neutral smell. If you want to prevent something, buy large very large extra flux pads, like 2 packs…and buy more to keep at home. Sometimes the Hospital have their own and they are great, but just to be sure you have a back up plan. remember that you will bleed for at least 2 to 3 weeks… I was 5.
  • Flipflops. you will use them while getting up and walk (which I recommend, before and after giving birth; as to use them to take a shower.
  • 2 or 3 comfy pairs of socks
  • 5 pairs of big knickers, when I say big, is like 2 sizes from your initial size (before pregnant). You won’t be in the mood to be the next Victoria Secrets Angel, you will be bleeding, taking care of your baby 1000%, no time for you in the following moments after you giving birth, and most definitely theses knickers will be thrown to the garbage since well… did I say anything about bleeding?
  • a pack of cookies (just to have some sugar with you. They will give you mostly toast and tea, before giving birth. If you’re in Epidural (like I was) they will not give you any food, only water, and I don’t recommend eating after the epidural effect pass… some people feel very sick (me…I was 1 day and a half without eating) others there is no problem and eat straight away.
  • mobile fully charged. Take it with you. If you have family abroad you can talk or text, but in reality you won’t use it, you won’t even remember that you have a mobile. Don’t take Ipads or Ipods…there will be no time for that, and you only will have eyes and ears for your little one (LO). And Mobile charger of course!
  • a neutral deodorant please! A roll-on  with a neutral smell. Remember that you’re breastfeeding and your baby needs your smell, mummy’s smell. Don’t use perfume if you know that you’re going to be breastfeeding or being with your LO in your arms. Imagine that he never smelled anything and those smells are very very strong for them. I only used perfume after 1 month and a half… And I wasn’t breastfeeding.
  • some BreastPads and nursing Bras (x2)
  • a large towel. I took one of mine, but used from the hospital because they had it… if they have towels don’t use yours… their towels are washed in high temperatures.
  • a plastic bag for soiled clothes.
  • a comfy change of clothes for when you’re leaving the hospital. I left the hospital is the most UnGlamourous way (after a full week in the hospital, tired and dreaming about home): a pair of leggings, a tshirt, a cardi and some sleepers… 

Baby Bag 
I put RJ’s clothes in plastic bags closed, inside this bag.

Bag 1 – socks and/or booties, mittens and hats.

Bag 2:
  • 2 sleepsuits
  • 2 short sleeved babygrows
  • 2 long sleeved babygrows
  • 1 comfy and warm cardigan
  • 10 nappies
  • some nappy bags
  • 1 little bag with cotton balls, cotton pads, cotton swabs
  • 1 pack of water wippes or sensitive wipes for newborn
  • 1 swaddle
  • 2 to 3 Muslins squares
  • 1 blanket
  • and your little one’s clothes for when you’re leaving the hospital
  • Pram and Car seat
You don’t need any washing gels. At first you will only wash him with warm water.

Some Midwifes can say for you to take your pillow. Not worth it.
And remember if you need more things, or have to saty longer in the hospital, your husband, boyfriend, friends or family can meet you at any time, if they ask the nurses.
Hospitals have nappies, pads, towels for you to shower, a milk bottles if you can’t breastfeed.
You have in the midwifes of the maternity, all the help they can give you, if you’re in pain, if you feel down (you will have baby blues for Sure…so be prepared for 3 days weeping), they will help you to breastfeed, if you’re hungry they will give you toasts (toast will be the things that you will eat most). Ask for help because they are there to help you in this new transition of your life. 
Even if this is your 1st baby or 2nd or 10th… The experience will be different each time and those first moments with that Human Being will be only yours as a Mum (sorry Dads…you’ll have yours as well).

Giving Birth is different for everyone, some miss it more that others, but all can say it was worth it.

Then you arrive home with your LO!


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