Things you should have: Kemfert Shoes

You know one things is really bad? Having to wear bad shoes, uncomfortable, sweaty, tight shoes…
Women know what I am talking about on High heels (or even flats…I can’t seem to handle them so I quitted from flats) and men know this too.

Everyone knows a brand or two of comfy shoes, and now I am going to show you how you can go to work, be classy and still be comfortable like walking on air.

Kemfert is a shoe company of designers that study feet and how to have super breathable shoes and super hygienic while applying technology to the shoe structure.

Heat on your feet will develop on bacteria leading to Athletes foot or bad smell.

Common…we want every one smelling great in here!

These guys designed a sole where the air circulates! true!

You are literally walking on air.

My *guinea pig..oh poor him!* Artdad was the tester (I repeat without the cough… he is soooooo lucky!) and here are the results:

He says:
They are comfortable beyond doubts. Only if you have a pair of these and change to another pair you really understand what is a great comfort. 
It’s classy, you can wear it fro work in the office or for a day and night out with family and friends.

This is definitely something Artsmum recommends winning our Approval seal

And look out for this brand because they have not only fashionable shoes for him but for us as well *hinthint*

Cheerio #kemfertbreathable

Thank you to Kemfert
My opinion is honest and unbiased

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