Camping in Holgates Silverdale – Family Holidays

Now that I look at the photos… I so wish to go back!
Excellent place to go with your family:

Peace and Quiet, family bonding, Uk weather and lot’s of fun…


This was our experience in Holgates Camping in Silverdale.


In this post I will let you know:
  • What is Holgates and Where you can find Silverdale,
  • What you can expect from this camping site,
  • What to take with you,
  • The Car I took,
  • Some fun stuff to do in Holgates Silverdale Camping,
  • What to visit,
  • Information and Phone numbers of Holgates Silverdale,
  • Artsmum Rating for this Travel and Opinion.






What is Holgates and Where you can find Silverdale




Silverdale is Holgates’ flagship park, that is open all year!
Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty amid over 100 acres of woodland and countryside, the caravan park overlooks the sweeping vista of Morecambe Bay and welcomes holidaymakers from far and wide.
Whether you’re looking for a base for your touring caravan or tent, planning a break in one of the holiday homes to hire or quirky camping pods, or are in the market for your own holiday home, they’ve got just the spot…


With the centre of Silverdale only a short walk away, and Arnside just under two miles away, you’ll be spoilt for choice for browsing and shopping. And if you fancy venturing further afield, Holgates is within an hour’s drive of the Lakes, the Yorkshire Dales and the Forest of Bowland.
Sat Nav: LA5 0SH

What you can expect from this camping site

I never camped in the UK. I did camped in other countries but nothing like this.
Expect Peace and quiet, a lot of green grass and trees and a bunch of bunnies running along happily.
I am absolutely stunned by this camping site and the quality of the Statics (those little houses in a plot are called statics, I learned this with the girls in Silverdale and all the jargon from a camping site), the beauty of the Pods and the park itself.
Note: I will be talking more about the Statics since it was my experience in one.
This Park has:
  • Camping Pods (to rent)
  • Statics (caravans parked in plots – static – which can be rented or bought)
  • Motorhomes
  • Tents
Animals permitted: 
Only Dogs and with a leash (read more below) because there are several families of bunnies and squirrels living happily in the open air.
Which I had to make a meme (just for fun):
About my Static
Excellent decoration and perfect for 4 people, in our case 4 adults and a baby.
Walls are so well isolated that you can’t hear a single noise and you won’t feel cold inside of the house, thankfully, and the windows in the roof provides you with natural light in the house as well as the large back doors for the Deck.
the Interior decor, mainly in Wood and wooden colors (browns and cream) reflects the calmness and gives you a clean and comfy feeling of the Static.
  • Our static had 2 bedrooms: one is a Suite (and a cot for RJ provided by the Silverdale Park) with it’s own bathroom and TV, and a walk in closet; and the other with Twin beds, perfect for the kids or adults, and with it’s own wardrobe.
Twin bedroom
  • 2 bathrooms (one en suite), all with shower, towel warmers and cabinets.
All bathrooms with Shower and towel warmer
  • 1 fully fitted kitchen with anything you need to cook and clean (minus food), it even has a wine cooler! You have all kind of crockery and utensils to cook, plates and bowls, cups and glasses, pans and pots, serving trays, toaster, kettle and microwave, knives and boards, and even a dishwasher. You don’t have a washing machine since the park has a laundrette.
  • 1 dining area (high chair was provided by Silverdale park) with 4 chairs and placemats for dining (no towels).
  • 1 large living room with TV and electric Fireplace  (the sofa is a sofa bed if needed). The view from this living room is absolutely gorgeous!
The fireplace gives a good ambiance to the living room.
  • 1 wooden deck with an exterior eating area with a big table and 6 chairs, so you can enjoy the outside (we had the breakfast outside as well as our meals).
  • Us preparing our BBQ (all Happy and Jolly)
  • And then this happens…Thank you weather! (we were actually lucky, this only happened once) but still… I needed to have fun (have you seen me on Flipagram?).
We’ve had some goodies expecting for us, and after some hours on the road we did appreciate it, and this warm welcome from the Silverdale Park was really really nice. Thank you!

What to take with you

Other than your clothing, food, toys and games, you don’t need nothing more.

This will be the perfect time to bond with your family in the middle of nature, meet new people, eat properly and healthy and make a detox from the internet and social media.

Note: Internet is only available in the Lobby… you don’t have internet in the park… or the area really.
I will advise you to take: Wellies (in farmers land you never know), shampoo, hair dryer, kitchen roll, bathing suits, but most of the things you can get on the supermarket.
The statics have towels, bedding and everything you need in the kitchen.

The Car Selected

For a family of 5, we didn’t need to take much things, since you have a supermarket in the park and can go to Aldi or Tesco in Carnforth (nearest village).
But still, we needed a confortable for almost a 3 hour trip, and with enough room specially for the baby car seat and 2 teens on the back.Our car for this trip was a BMW 3 series Touring, manual petrol.

BMW 3 series Touring
BMW 3 series Touring

I always had BMWs but this one is a very good car, great to drive and very comfortable.

The back seats are comfortable and has space for the car seat (which I placed in the middle) and the teens were one of each side of the car seat, so everyone on the back can have a nap on the trip.

The space on the Boot space is a plus side.

My pram is huge, is a Quinny, which is a good and comfortable pram, but to travel is one of the biggest pram to take on a Boot (or elsewhere really), still, this Boot took the pram, 2 medium travel cases and several reusable shopping bags.

The Boot is really a good one and for a family of 3 to 5 this car is excellent.

Excellent boot with lots of Space!

The downside of this Touring, would be the petrol but still (the good side) is that this car on the road (as in Motorway) is economical.

I loved this car… In fact I bought it! Second Hand but I loved it so much I had to have it!.

The BMW 3 Series Touring takes my 5/5 Stars rate! Excellent!

Excellent performance, comfort, design and practical for a family in daily basis and for Road trips and vacations.

Some fun stuff to do in Holgates Silverdale Camping

Silverdale Park has lot’s of fun happening.
You can find:
  • An interior pool (free for residents) – I didn’t took pictures because there were kids in it, and is against my personal opinion to put photos of children in the internet (or at least with their parents consent).
  • Supermarket (With fresh bread everyday, newspapers, meat and veg, milk, toys and games – it has everything you need).
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Bowling (£20 per lane)
  • Arcade (pinball, gaming machines, pool/snooker, etc)
  • Interior Play area for Babies and Children
  • 2 children’s Park (outside)
  • Place for Dogs to stay while you go to the restaurant (only Dogs are permitted in this park and with leash all the time, except for the free zone)
  • Free zone (in the back of the park you have a placed where you can walk in the forest and release your dog so he can run)
  • Laundrette
  • Gym
RJ happy in his playground
the restaurant has a variety of menus. Adults and Children menus for meat eaters or vegetarians. They sell alcohol so your beer or wine will be available, as well as coffees, cakes, ice creams and anything you want.
Silverdale don’t have an ATM machine but you can ask cashback in the Restaurant (they accept all cards).
Food was absolutely great!
Excellent well made, taste was delicious and served with a smile was perfect.
Here are some of the food we’ve had:

This was the Special dishes of the day (they have more plates
on the Menu, this is only the specials)
Tuna steak with salad (my choice)

Penne Pasta with Chicken strips cooked in white wine

Horseshoe Gamon with pineapple

Lamb Burger with feta cheese

Children Menu: Fish and Chips
(very good portion)

Dessert time:
Ice cream with blocks of chocolate yummm

What to visit

You have so much to visit!
From the streets of Silverdale and Carnforth, you can visit Lancaster or The Lake District as well, and admire the beautiful views.
We went to Windermere (in The Lakes) which is the hometown to Beatrix Potter (author of Peter Rabbit) and you can see the Beatrix Potter museum and the huge lake, where you can go on boat trips or even rent your own boat and row.
You can visit some farms and Pick Your Own fruits or vegetables
Great Wallpaper isn’t?
Me as a happy farmer
RJ happy in his wellies and
eating all the strawberries he could
You have Carnforth and Silverdale, with a lot of hiking routes or even Art trails with local artists showing beautiful art.
(These were some of the places I went, so I am talking about my experience in these days).

Information and Phone numbers of Holgates Silverdale

If you need more information or would like to book:
PARK MAP PDF  (you can download)
For Sales: please speak with my Dear Suzanne from Sales if you would love to have one of this Statics. I would love one for sure!
Statics to Rent (some are bought already)
General view of the park interior
These are some Static models (they are all different inside, so you have several options to choose) that you can buy and then you can choose the Plot in which they will stay.

Artsmum Rating for this Travel and my Opinion

I loved it… I was simply amazed! I have to honestly say that my expectations were low… But when I went there and saw what I saw, and the great moments and memories I made in Silverdale, is priceless, I am simply without words to describe it, in a very positive way.
People and staff are friendly and funny (that gentleman on the restaurant is fun!), they don’t mind to answer your questions for a million times always with a smile on their face, you don’t worry about what is happening in the world and you forget your problems and even the sense of being safe is something real inside Silverdale.
My son was such a happy tot in the open air, playing in the grass, in the park or being a normal kid playing outside while the adults chatted and bond and play games… This experience was fantastic and after I wrote this post, one thing is sure:
I really want to go back more times, maybe my little one’s Birthday party will be there, who knows, but I really want to go back.
If I had an award with 7 stars… I would give it! (my rating is from 1 to 5, meaning 5 is brilliant!).
Definitely Silverdale Camping has our 5 Star Award
Here is the Video for you to see


And I leave you with my evening view from the comfy sofa in Silverdale
Thank you to Holgates Silverdale Caravan Park 
for this wonderful experience
Cheerio #Silverdale #familytravel
Thank you to  Holgates Silverdale Caravan Park
My opinion is honest and Unbiased
NOTE FOR PICTURES: If you want the pictures you can use them, but please refer me as your source. If you ask me (comment below), I can send you the originals in exchange of referring me as your source. Thank you!

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