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How to set up your own sense-satisfying spa at home during lockdown

May 25, 2020

By Isla Hannah Knight, Founder, JustU   We are pretty used to lockdown now and only leaving the house for essential supplies and daily exercise. We can call and Facetime loved ones that we can’t see, and many are enjoying spending quality time at home with their partner, family or housemates. However, we are all missing things from ‘normal’ life, whether that’s after work drinks or meals out, clubs and exercise classes or just getting some pampering. I know lots…

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Quitting Smoking Through Vaping

May 22, 2020

Unless you’ve been using an electronic cigarette since they first went on sale, you might not know too much about them, the various terms and components or even how they differ from traditional smoking, so it’s time to try and clear up some of the most confusing areas of the vaping craze.      Firstly, an e-cigarette works by sending heat from an atomizer, charged by a battery, into a bottle of e-liquid which, when heated, turns into vapour and…

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5 New Habits to Make You Feel Good About Yourself

May 21, 2020

By Emma Williams   More often than not, you may feel like you didn’t work to your full potential, which can consequently lead to you feeling unhappy and have a low opinion of yourself. Unless you gain some new perspective, you’ll start to see the world around you as the one in which you have no control over your life. However, you’d be wrong because the only person who can truly be responsible for the way you look at life…

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4 Myths about Vaccines

May 14, 2020
setinge with vaccine and mask with pills

By Stella Rhyne   Vaccines are a useful and effective tool for keeping people safe from life-threatening diseases and illnesses. Thanks to the invention of vaccines for various types of illnesses, nowadays people are able to live longer and feel safer since their overall health is improved. Vaccines are also effective and helpful for reducing the spread and transmission of illnesses and diseases. Even though vaccines are proven to be effective there are still some myths and never-ending debates such…

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5 Ways to Improve the Cleanliness of Your Living Space

May 13, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   Sometimes, it’s not enough to scrub down the countertops and take out the trash. Every part of your house can get dirty, so it’s essential to focus on those unseen areas, too. You don’t even need to grab your sprays and wipes to achieve a tidy feel. With a few simple alterations, you can turn your home into a harmonious space. Here are some easy ways to create a neat, orderly space.   1. Sanitize the…

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What to do when your back pain has become chronic

May 5, 2020

By Tim Hanwell, Principal Osteopath and Director of IDD Therapy at Berkhamsted Osteopaths   We’ve all got out of bed in the morning with a bit of back pain but we shrug it off as something everyone has to put up with now and then. However, what if, a few days later the pain still hasn’t subsided?   During stage one of back pain, we’ve taken all the obvious steps to:   Manage the pain Ignored it and hoped it would…

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How does COVID-19 anxiety impact children

May 5, 2020
A child by the window, corona graphic outside

By Sally Norton   The circumstances we are spending our weeks and months in, are far from perfect. It is only natural that everybody is scared and confused. There is not a single age group the virus is not affecting at least indirectly. The eldest members of our society are endangered since getting infected can be lethal in their age. The middle-aged population is worried for their health, as well as for their finances and all other aspects of living…

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Handy Products Which Can Protect Your Hands

April 16, 2020

Most people barely spare a thought for their hands when they are doing a normal day of work. These parts of your body are usually more than happy to carry out the tasks you give them, and are surprisingly hardy when you think about the things you put them through. Of course, though, it doesn’t take long for the impact of rough work to show on your hands. Whether you work in an office or in a coal mine, your…

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How to Make the Most of Your Time in Self-Quarantine

April 3, 2020

By Dylan Bartlett   As the majority of the world continues to stay indoors due to COVID-19, it’s easy to feel a little bored. After all, we can’t eat dinner at our favorite restaurants or hang out with friends at the park. So, what’s there to do when you’re stuck indoors? Thankfully, there’s a lot! Whether you want to work on a puzzle or start a new hobby, the options are endless. Take a look at these ideas so you…

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