How to Improve Health and Wellness in the Home

How to Improve Health and Wellness in the Home

Home is where the heart is; home is also the best place to cultivate positive lifestyle habits that improve the wellbeing of your family and grow your family’s wealth. These are big claims, so you probably have a few questions about how this is possible. Reason to find out more about habits.

Healthy and sustainable habits are the best way to instil the right values in your family for the present and the future, but it requires some discipline and some commitment to make them happen. Still, you don’t have to do everything at once; make a small change and stick to it; this article provides you with useful starting points, so pick a place to begin and boost wellbeing.

Stay Active 

The human body has evolved to be active; our ancient ancestors once covered vast distances by foot and hunted large animals; it’s these genes that we have inherited. The trouble is our modern sedentary lives don’t align with the demands of the body and can lead to health issues.

If you have ever noticed a cramp in your legs or some anxiety during the day, it could be down to inactivity instead of a mental health issue. Before you visit a doctor, try a regular exercise regime; keep your family healthy by promoting regular physical activity in your household.

Stay Hydrated 

The human body is made predominantly of water – around 90%, according to some sources – so it’s important to maintain hydration levels in your family to stay healthy. Water is used by the body for a range of purposes, such as creating blood and other fluids and supporting the skin.

Make sure your family members are getting enough water in their diets; you might want to encourage family members to drink a glass of water with their meals or to carry a water bottle with them when they go to work or head into town to meet friends and go to the coffee shop.

Eat Wholesomely

Don’t forget to cook wholesome food for your family to maintain their health and wellbeing. Too often, diets are diluted due to busy lifestyles; instead of having a wholesome meal, you will have some fast food together that is high in sugar and fat. This leads to cravings and weight gain.

The good news is that eating healthy, wholesome food is easier than you might think; all you have to do is stick with root vegetables and whatever is in season, and then you get the best of both worlds, healthy food for your family at a low cost. Also, try freezing some food for later on.

Reduce Stress 

Stress is a relatively modern phenomenon. It’s not that our ancestors didn’t experience stress; they had things to worry about, like where they would get their next meal from and whether their loved ones would return safely from their travels. But today, people experience chronic stress.

Stress is a form of intense fear that changes the hormones of the body and leads to health issues; you might also notice changes in hair colours and the quality of your skin. If you want to reduce stress in your family, try to encourage mindfulness practice and relaxation techniques.

Build Community 

A family is a form of close community, which means you have people to share your fears and feeling with; this is something you should encourage in your family as it creates stronger bonds and a healthy community. Build a stronger family community by creating consistent meal times.

Eating as a family gives you a chance to connect with each other and share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings, but try not to force the occasion. If your family members are resistant to meal times together, encourage them to go for a hike instead or bond in a different sort of way.

Radon Venting 

Maybe you have heard of Radon, or maybe you haven’t; either way, you need to pay close attention to the presence of Radon in your home to keep your family healthy/Radon is a byproduct of uranium that seeps from rocks in some areas, exposure to it causes lung cancer.

When Radon makes it into the atmosphere, it dilutes and becomes mostly harmless, but in enclosed spaces such as the home, Radon can be extremely harmful. What you need is a Positive Input Ventilation system to remove Radon from your home by venting it from the roof.

Switch Carpets 

Some people like carpets in the home, while others prefer wooden flooring; overall, wooden flooring is healthier for your family because it removes all of the dust, mites, and bacteria living in the carpet fibres. Even with the best of intentions, family members might still have allergies.

Not only does a carpet eliminate the dust particles from your home, but wooden flooring is warmer and more energy efficient. Some people think that carpets are better for the home’s temperature, but wooden flooring is better for heat absorption and heat circulation in the rooms.

Reduce Mold 

If you have some moisture issues in the home because of blockages in the gutters or faulty water pipes, you might discover some mold in your bathroom or kitchen. Mold is a form of fungus that can get into the lungs of your loved ones and cause some serious health issues. Thankfully, several services will go to your home or business, test the mold and give you a solution for its removal. Just search for a company that can do mold testing in Bluffton, SC or your city of choice for professional assistance if you feel you need it.

If you want to eliminate mold from your home, you need to treat the root problem, don’t try to paint over mold, especially if it’s black mold, because it will simply come back through. Instead, clean the gutters and call a plumber to have your pipes checked and protect family members.

Avoid Pests 

Certain times of the year can be challenging for household pests, the fall is one of these times, and the winter is another. During the colder months, small rodents and birds make your home their home and nest, but this can cause health issues, especially if they come to your kitchen.

The colder months can be bad for rodents, but in the warmer months, you might have to contend with ants and insects. No matter what pest you have to handle, there are good and bad approaches. Make sure all your food is sealed – including waste – and contact a professional.

Planet Friendly 

If you want to improve your family’s wellbeing in the home, try to encourage a planet-friendly lifestyle that includes healthy living, sustainable practices, and zero waste. It’s important to attempt to live more sustainably to support the planet for future generations. Changing the family lifestyle in this way is also beneficial for your family’s mindset and general mental wellbeing.

It can be challenging to change comfortable habits like running water while you brush your teeth, leaving the heating on instead of using a hot water bottle, and buying sustainable local food instead of local take-out food, but when you start to change habits and notice the benefits, it becomes a useful part of your lifestyle that leads to more happiness and more pocket money.

Final Thoughts 

Health and wellbeing start in the home; it doesn’t start on your commute to the office or your annual vacation. However, when you start making sustainable changes to your lifestyle in the home, your commute and holiday are likely to change as well, bringing more joy and money.

Becoming a more sustainable family makes you healthier and improves your bank balance because you are eating better food that costs less, you are traveling less because of your change of attitude, and you are making savings on your energy bills, so what is not to love?

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