Shipping from the USA to the UK

Dealing with so many people and brands around the world, sometimes is not easy to receive things you buy, and using the normal mail could be expensive, plus there are some brands that cannot send to where you live. 
In my case in the UK.

So I discovered the

What is the USAddress?
USaddress is a leading E-commerce website, which offers its customers with an amazing online shopping experience.

At, shoppers can gain a direct and easy access to an incredible selection of their favorite US online stores. No matter where you live in the world, with USaddress you can have it right at your doorstep fast, cheap and easy.

All you need to do is:
  • Get a free USaddress here.
I opened an account too
  • Shop your favorite online store in the US. My favourite stores are JCPenneys and Macy’s… plus the US Ebay and Amazon are cheaper! 
  • Your orders will be shipped to the logistics center under your personal USaddress.
  • They will ship it directly to your doorstep, no matter where you live. They ship worldwide. No need to go to the Post Office.
  • You would also be able to consolidate several orders from several stores to save shipping costs. Since I buy several items, this option saves you on the shipping cost of each website, combining them and being cheaper and getting all the items at once.

What will happend when you create an account in USAddress

You will get a US address and even a telephone number
Each customer is given a personal U.S. home address for his or her own use.
This address can be used on all American shopping websites, making millions of products available to the customers. Customers use this address whenever making a purchase; their packages are then delivered directly to the logistics center. When the package arrives the customer select their destination and preferred method of shipment and pay accordingly; the delivery is then dispatched to their doorstep.

Search and Shop
The USaddress shop provides easy access to an incredible selection of American products and brands at highly competitive prices. The products can be searched by categories.
By using the service, customers are able to see in advance the full and final price they need to pay, including both U.S. and international shipping fee, and if needed- they can get an estimation of the custom fees at the destination country.

Logistics services
They also provide several logistics services for packages delivered to the warehouses, which reduces shipping costs by up to 70%.
  • Package Consolidation – from different US stores into one package to save shipping costs.
  • Package Optimization Service
  • Content Inspection
  • Package Storage
  • Shipping Insurance

What makes USAddress so special:

Imagine buying from Macys’ or JCPenneys’? Or even enter in US giveaways? 
You now can since you have an address and the number they give you is the number for their warehouse where a person can contact you directly if it’s any problem. Plus you can save from 50 to 70%, not only in your shopping but also in shipping fee.

There is no cost in creating or having an open account. 
So why not try it?

Buy with confidence: secure payment method, including the option to use PayPal- the fastest, safest way to make an online payment.
More than 15 years of experience in international shipping

They have a special offer for PayPal users:
I have a Paypal account, since is the best and secure thing to buy online, and they give a 20% off any shipping from the US to (your country) + free consolidation to reduce your shipment costs by up to 70%, when you shop from any US website using your personal US address.
So if you have a Paypal account don’t miss this offer!

Promotion code: PAYPALBF20. Check out here.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up here

Cheerio #ShoppingintheUS

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