Cheap Art products for this Summer

I wouldn’t be called Artsmum if my one of my hobbies wasn’t be an Arty person.

And my little RJ is following my steps regarding that. We both love to draw and paint. It’s good for his imagination and creativity as well as a relaxing hobby with a lot of learning n the middle.

One of the things that I started to do is (as budget is tight sometimes), take a look at certain deals on Arts and crafts deals, either on the high street as well as online.

Tip: did you know that High street shops have lot’s of deals online? And then you can either collect them on the shop or sent them to your home directly?

On my search for good deals, I noticed that The Works has a bunch of Cheap Art Sets!!

Both for children and adults.

Some tips for the Summer:

  • Prefer portable things, like sets or cases
  • With warm weather you can paint outside and use new materials like water based products or chalks
  • Use new places to draw – pavements, leafs, polished rocks, hands…faces (you get it)
  • Don’t forget to wash everything after you’ve had fun… let’s keep it civilized 🙂

Here are the products that are on my wishlist to collect on the shop:

For only £3 this will be excellent for my little one!


Complete Colouring and sketch studio with A3 sketch pad and artist palette


Crawford & Black Acrylic paint


Oil Pastel art set (this one will be my favourite for out and about)



Painting Kit – prepare yourself for little hands everywhere!


Kids non toxic paints (£3!)


2 sets of Felt pens for £5


Crawfords & Black pencils and Pad set


Pavement Chalk for £1



Large Wax Crayons – great for tiny hands – for £1



12 A4 bright color cards for £1



Paw Patrol coloring and sticker book £1.50



Colouring book for £1.50 – there are dozens of books for this price


What do you think?

After writing this post I am going with RJ to “restock” our Art Supplies.



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