Whipped cream in seconds with Creazy

Ok, I know this sounds strange and “there must be a catch” here.

I thought that too.

I read about the Creazy by Cookut, and it says that it will whip the cream in 1 minute.

What you only need to do is shake the Creazy and that’s all.

What is the Creazy?

The Creazy is basically a mason jar with a lid and 3 silicone balls. So first you put inside of the jar, the cream and sugar, and then the 3 silicone balls that comes with Creazy. Then close the lid and shake it for 1 minute.

When I asked HOW the Creazy do it, they told me that it was mainly because of the hexagonal shape of the balls creates more oxygenation, there for the process of whipping is faster…science hum?

The Facts of the experience:

It was this Saturday, when my family came to have lunch at my home, and I decided to buy some strawberries and cherries and thought: Why not try the Creazy for a whipped cream to top the dessert.

Then I was in the kitchen with hubby and sister and I was explaining to her how the Creazy worked and she frowned her face like in disbelief. while I was explaining her and taking the pictures for you to see in action, I literally just shook it like 3 seconds… and I thought something went wrong because I couldn’t feel the liquid inside the jar. that’s when I open the jar and the cream was so whipped that maybe if i continue to shake it for a few more seconds, it could become butter.

3 seconds! This is absolutely true and I am still trying to gather all the facts on why this happen.

Absolutely amazing! It works, it’s quick and goes directly to the dishwasher.

No need for machines and gadgets and no more washing to do… and you can take it anywhere.

See here is the experience:


Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?


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