Bumbo – Review

Bumbo… for some the Must have for babies to stay seated like little grown ups.

Yes they DO look cute and adorable and it really can help in some cases (I will describe below).

I am selling mine after 2 weeks and only 4 times of use.

My baby is 4 months and 1 week, he weights 7KG and wears size 6 to 9 months (or size 80), he is a tall baby but not chubby baby.

I bought Bumbo since it “looked nice and practical” but I have to say that:
for my boy it won’t work.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not saying that Bumbo is a bad product, I am saying that for my baby it’s not possible to sit and stay 5 minutes sited without crying of pain of being in a confined space. 

Here are some reasons for my disappointed review on Bumbo:

For a boy: Look at were his weewee is! The middle strap that grabs does not move and it will stay there ALWAYS! little space right?
The straps… for what? Thy space is so tight that he doens’t require straps, plus the front (see the image up)
The knees are way back. It’s true that the baby’s back is supported but he is not comfortable in his legs.
Oh the Tray! The ridiculous tray! Not practical and has a HUGE but HUGE Con about it. And don’t get me started on the price for this.
The Con of the tray? simple. If you don’t pay attention when you put it in the Bumbo seat you wan hurt your baby badly either in his fingers or legs. And while he is in the Bumbo you cannot think that he will be safe because he can get his tiny fingers stuck beneath it! 

So here is my review about Bumbo seat.

And as I said: I am selling mine because I am getting the Mamas and Papas seat.


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