Checking the new Silk’n FaceTite

I have been working with wrinkles and skin for at least 10 years, fillings made of pure organic and homoeopathic components, so a natural way to erase a couple of years, tight and firm the skin and correct using nature ingredient and a lot of studies of the human face.

But while I like my work in the clinics with my patients and they are happy, there are times when people can honestly make a difference at home, such as:

  • Having a good routine morning and evening (cleansing, tonic)
  • Having proper creams for their type of skin (night and day)
  • Applying masks and serums
  • Go to treatments on a proper Beautician
  • Having a “mechanical helper” such as the machine I am showing you today


Silk’n FaceTite is a powerful device that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles (without the need for any needles), it’s mainly for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening and is easy using the Silk’n FaceTite!



How it works and to whom

This device is suitable for all skin types and results show in just 5 weeks, is pain-free and can be used for all skin colours.

I have sensitive skin, so I use it every once a month, at night, as I don’t want to get sun in sensitive skin.

Silk’n FaceTite has 3 energy sources: Bi-Polar Energy, LED Light Energy and Infrared Heat Energy.

Combined, the three energy sources force heat to all cell layers. It seeks out damaged tissue within the layers of skin and repairs it.

The warmth from the device stimulates the skin’s renewing properties and collagen and elastin fibres contract and the skin repairs itself from the inside out.

By following a careful treatment plan, the technology tightens your skin, reduces wrinkles and reinstates collagen and elastin fibres.



What’s in the Box?

  • Silk’n FaceTite Device
  • Silk’n Slider Gel 130ml
  • Charger
  • Travel Case with UK plug
  • Instruction Manual
  • FREE Hyaluronic Acid Serum worth £40



What it can do

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Tightens the skin
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Rejuvenates collagen and elastin fibres
  • Lifts facial contours
  • Reduces superficial sun and age spots
  • Strengthens the deeper layers of the skin
  • Improves the structure and elasticity of the skin



How to use it

It’s really easy to use at home.

Using the Slider Gel, use it twice a week, or once a week for 15 minutes per treatment zone, treating each zone separately, the temperature is controlled by built-in heat stabilizer. If you have sensitive skin and not many (to none) wrinkles like I have, use it once every 2 weeks or once a month.



My opinion

I think is a great machine to have at home. You must be conscious that you either research a bit online and try out the machine in an area non-visible, so you can start manoeuvring this machine the way it was projected to be used and to be applied. This is not a toy, this is a machine that will work your skin, and when it’s well worked the effects will be excellent.

As I said previously, I have been doing it every once a month. I don’t have wrinkles, but I have been using it for my double chin and to create a good jawline (pay attention to genetics), to firm the skin. I have been going through hormonal changes that’s why I can’t try more often, but in case of doubt ask on  Silk’n FaceTite website directly, their customer service is very good.

Please use it during the evening before going to bed, as the sun can damage and create a “burn” shadow if you are not careful, also you NEED to use an SPF factor 50 on your face when doing this treatment. SPF or nothing!

This machine is affordable and practical to carry out or put away in its travel case, and honestly can be used by any beginner beautician or in a salon as this machine is that good!


See online for more Silk’n FaceTite


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