What Your Coffee Preference Says About You

No matter what the type, size, or composition of coffee you prefer, you probably start looking forward to it the moment you wake up. The coffee recipe is what you need to start the day, correct?

You’re not alone, of course. Have you ever wondered, though, just why we may prefer a certain kind of coffee over others? Obviously, that shot of espresso is downed by a very different personality than the massive frappuccino with whipping cream and caramel sauce.

Believe it or not, there is a good reason to know what your coffee says about you.

Curious to find out more about yourself, based on your coffee fix?

Let’s take a look!



This is quite a classy coffee choice: a splash of milk, creamer, and a base of espresso. This decision, though, may mean that you’re a tad bit obsessive and want a lot of control in your life. You may not be the one to crack jokes, but you would get things done!

On the flip side, you’re also probably creative as well as motivated in your life goals. The controlling factor also means a dash of truth in everything you do.

Milk Alternative

Do you ask for a splash of soy or almond milk? If you said “yes,” you’re probably like a head cheerleader—fun, social, with leadership skills; but with an element of high maintenance. Perhaps, you have a tendency to help others make things possible.

Since you know yourself and what you desire, things may have a tendency to work out for you.


Downing a shot of espresso in a jiffy? You’re probably one of those hurried and harried folks, hence the super strong potion and the quick serving—you have places to go and goals to accomplish! You may also need several of these shots to get you going at different times of the day; otherwise, your mood could go way down.

You may be a leader, and you’re definitely working yourself hard. Just make sure you don’t burn out; let loose and relax once in a while!



This is a supremely interesting choice. Strong black espresso, but with a treat of vanilla gelato drowning inside! You like your coffee as a dessert in addition to being a pick-me-up.

You’re probably a night owl, and not so much a morning person. When fully awake, you can be a care-free personality. You have a lot of fun on your own terms, and you tweak any kind of day to suit yourself.

Regular Black

Just black coffee and a lot of it. That tall cup may signify that you like things laid out in simple terms. Minimalism is either a goal or a way of life for you, and you can get any job done if you put your mind to it.


This coffee is an easy one to drink, just how you like most things. You may be indecisive at times, making you more of a team player than a team leader. That’s also what makes you a fun personality.

You may also find yourself the mediator in many cases, pouring oil on troubled waters when things get too complicated. The norm is the name of your game; in these troubled times, we need people like you!


An adventurous drink reflects a personality that loves spontaneity, positivity, and happiness. You’re content to enjoy each moment as it comes, rather than plan it all out. Energy flows in your veins.

Iced Coffee

This beverage may cool you down while giving you your caffeine fix, but it also says a lot about you as a person. You’re the assertive kind, with no time for the drama and subtlety of hot coffee varieties.You should definitely try this excellent method of extracting coffee beans and see how well it works for you.

You have your opinions, and you’re confident about the option you choose. All this may make you someone who sets the trend instead of following it.


Guest Post by our dear Ashley Lipman


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