Christmas Gift Lists: Home Decor, Kitchen and Appliances



Duvet Cover Set from Crown Goose

100% Pure Cotton Duvet cover set that anyone will love!

Soft, lightweight sheets that’ll last through decades. High-quality sewing and backstitching.  Extremely breathable during the warmer months; retaining your body heat during the colder months.

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  Goose Down Duvet

Because it is always useful and an excellent gift for anyone that loves a good night sleep. 100% goose down.

875 FP (fill power, which is a measure of “fluffiness” of a down product. The higher the FP the more air an ounce of the down can trap, thus the more insulating ability the down has.

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 Ombre Flamingo Mug

Everyone loves a new mug! They are a practical gift, a special token when it has a meaning and if it’s trendy, even better!

This Ombre mug is of high quality and at a great price.

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Colour Changing Unicorn Mug

For any Unicorn lover, this is a must have! When the mug is cold, the unicorn has a purple hair, with Hot water the rainbow hair appears. Such a cutie!

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G&T Cocktail / Tea Gift Set

Either for a G&T or for a normal tea, this set is really sophisticated and elegant, plus a gorgeous gift!

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Clean water with Zero Water

Why not make it a present? Do you actually know how much lead and impurities is in our water? It’s literally in the water! I think this is a great present for anyone. I love mine and is the best thing to have at home. They also have some portable ones. Health costs very little if you start doing the best at home.

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GinTing Premium Dry Gin

We do like our G&T here at home, so why not make it special? Opt for a good bottle of good Gin. GinTing is a mix of Gin, Elderflower, Mango and passionfruit. How awesome will my cocktails look?

Stay tuned on my social media after Christmas!! Yes, because this is a present for hubby! but shhhhush!

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Jadu Tea Mademoiselle Grey

Either Mademoiselle Grey, or Green Tea or the Breakfast Tea, any of Jadu Tea is a good gift!

Made with excellent quality, you can choose with or without the sachet, I prefer without, and also I prefer drinking it without tea to obtain the real taste of the plants and fruits in Jadu Tea, BUT you can add your milk if you prefer. The boxes are a real gift with their velvet touch, so why not get a look at it and give it as a Gift?

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Prestige Hampers – Christmas Comforts

Nothing says Christmas like a good hamper. I do love a good surprise hamper and Prestige hampers have a hamper for anyone and for any budget. Lovely quality products delivered with your own personalized message. Who wouldn’t love to get one?? I love it.

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3 Velvet Jewellery Boxes

Either for Jewellery or why not for makeup, to whatever treasure you want to put inside, these very trendy boxes are a must have for any vanity table.

Made in velvet and they look great anywhere, these boxes are really beautiful.

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Rose Gold Lanterns

Don’t let the name lanterns fool you! I am in love on how beautiful these are! The work with batteries but the ambience they do in a room is brilliant. they come with a card to give it as a gift, and are very trendy, so instagrammable! Use them together or separated, they look and work really well.

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Hexagon Mirror

And why not add a mirror to your gift? This mirror will be a success to any wall but especially to a vanity table to get those looks on fleek.

Add the lanterns and the boxes above and see someone be really happy!

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