Christmas Gift Lists: Sweets and Toys

Give Sweets to your Sweety:

Nothing like Sweets and a gift!


Retro Sweets Jar from MenKind

Can’t handle a big jar of retro sweets? What a great idea this is!

Sample all of the old school classics without denting your wallet and causing too much of sugar rush.

Get yours on Menkind.












We CANNOT have Christmas without Toys for the kids right!


Hape Balance Bike

For 3+ Kids. Fun and very trendy, will be the delight of any boy or girl.

Get yours on Amazon













Hape Double Flavoured Birthday Cake

For any kid that loves cooking, this is such a cute cake!! 3+

Get yours on Smyths Toys or Amazon









Hape Rotating Music Box

Suitable from Birth, this cute music box, soothes the baby with the lullabies while changing colours, giving the cosiest environment for the little one.

Get yours on Smyths Superstores












Bandai Bananas Collectibles

brand new toy from Bandai! Brightly coloured scented bananas with cute collectible Crushie characters and accessories that you peel to reveal.

Peel Bananas™ to reveal tons of mini surprises inside, including a cute Crushie character, two mini squeezable friends, gemstone stickers to decorate the Crushie or Banana, a collector sheet with character stickers, and a hanging vine to display Crushie friends.

Got it from a friend but I felt the need to tease a bit about them. They can be found in the US at Amazon, Walmart or Target.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Now Jail is harder! have you seen us on social media playing the monopoly? Well, this is a game changer! In this game, you can cheat, but do not be caught, otherwise, the handcuffs are there.

Got mine from Amazon








Monopoly Fortnite

Of course, it exists! Are you like us that play Fortnite (not as often as I wanted to but..) build that wall and get the outfits read, because Monopoly just got fearless.

Get yours at Amazon









Don’t Lose your Cool!

A hysterical game that makes you lose your cool. Simply put the meter on the head and see the silliness of your family and friend happen as they roll the dice and follow the instructions. Great if you film it (LOL).

Got mine at Amazon










Foxy Pants

This game is so cute! Richie simply loves this game, and play with his friends for hours.

Counting chickens and having fun when the fox’s pants drop down! Educational and mathematically fun!

Foxy Pants is available from Drumond Park





Wally the Washer

Another game little Richie loves. Well all of us at home play, since this game can be played up to 4 players.

Watch Wally the washer really washing the clothing (spinning) and careful with that Dirty Sock coming out! The 1st to hang all the clothing wins.

This game is lovely!

Wally the Washer is available from Drumond Park









Play-Doh Buzz n Cut Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop Toy with Electric Buzzer

Because my little one loves to play with Play-doh (as most toddlers like), and this fun toy will be great for his coordination and to let his imagination run wild… and cutting the play-doh and not other hairs!

Got mine on Amazon






Hape Mini Band Set Toy

In a house and family, where all of us sing and play instruments, having a kit is never enough. I have played in a band and sang in either my band or choirs, and would love my son to follow those experiences as music enrich your senses.

Looking forward to some fun nights with Richie playing. Because you don’t need a fancy guitar to make good music, just imagination and Jam.

Got this kit on Amazon







Hape Teepee Tent

I cannot wait for my little one to see this teepee tent! Easy to set up and to put away, brings it’s own bag to take it away.

Of course, I will show you on social media!

Got mine on Argos








1:14 BMW I8 RC CAR

The biggest love of my son right now, this car is amazing I even made a video on Richie Toys Review about it, with us 2 playing along with it. You can see it here.

I got mine on Menkind











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