Cooking with Gourmet Products

Whoever told you that you can use everything to cook is both right and wrong.
You can cook with everything tat’s correct but using gourmet delicatessen spices or a very good wine, is the best touch you can add to your food and a really good way of showing love and respect for whom you are cooking.

As most of you have seen and follow me on Instagram, sometimes I share recipes on the go there, easy peasy to make.

At my house we eat all type of food, try new ones and we aren’t fussy. We are Only fussy to bad food badly prepared.

In my family we always made Italian and Portuguese home made food (where my family is from) as well as South American (which I am from).

And I have tried (and I am going to keep buying) products from the UrbanGrains online

Urbangrains is your everyday imaginative brand of food essentials, offering a range of artisan, often unusual foods.

Quoting UrbanGrains themselves: 

“Driven by our own devotion to know our food origins, we have teamed up with like-minded local producers who stay true to their craftsmanship.
Pure raw ingredients are blended together into exceptional delicacies, always hand-processed with utmost care – containing no artificial flavours, colouring or preservatives – and this is our promise to you.
Our story began early in 2012, when we were inspired by the idea of reinventing the millenary tradition of the Mediterranean diet. Since then, a long journey started all over the greek countryside to discover unique people and flavours.
In order to make sure, that we always offer the best possible quality we follow one simple rule;“seasonable” selection, to get its best taste and have the less possible impact on the planet.”

They offer two different series with one common characteristic; the combination of high nutritional value and gastronomic delight.

• Classic Collection: pure flavours from Greece
• Gourmet Collection: traditional dainties with a twist

And what I have been using:

Pine Honey
Produced from the pine forests of Thasos in northern Greece, this honeydrew Pine Honey has a characteristic sharp taste and dark colour. Well-known for its high nutritional value, it has been traditionally used as a natural remedy against colds and coughs. Its characteristic flavour makes it perfect for cheese platters and salad dressings.

This honey is very good with Pork and Hams, to cut the fat and give the sweetness.

Where I am using it:

  • Ham and Pine Honey Glazed
  • Gamon and eggs with a hint of honey in the gamon
  • lemon tea with a good full tbsp of Pine Honey

To have this wonderful Pine Honey click HERE

Sun-dried Tomato Paste

Sun-dried tomatoes are a source of lycopene and antioxidants, just like fresh tomatoes. Sun-drying is a way to preserve all of these beneficial aspects during the winter.
Here, Urban Grains pair them with a mix of spices and create a delicious sauce for your pasta, salad or meat.

I have to say I LOVE THIS ONE!!

I use it in almost everything!
Specially Pasta. I made some pasta that my toddler eats it, so very good quality and i trust it.

Where I use it:

Pasta, every type and every way you cook it
Stews to give a “hint” on the tomato taste
Vegetable salad: boiled greens, carrots and potato mixed with this paste is wonderful!

Bolognese in RJs plate…his favourite

Pene with Capers and boiled greens

You Can get it HERE

NOTE: Unfortunetly I did had some videos made and was editing them, until everything was blown of for a couple of minutes in my son little hands.
I am trying to get them straight. So bear with me for a couple of days…I hope.

Thank you to UrbanGrains for this experience

Cheerio #cookhealthyandyummy

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