Degustabox Review of May and the Recipe of the Day!

It’s hereeeeee!!!
This May box is here!! Full of goodness!!

Let’s see what is inside!


And May Degustabox is here packed of new things, to taste and to learn!

For those, like me, that don’t know let me tell you a little about it.

What is Degustabox
As they call themselves: a monthly Surprise box. Each month you will receive a box full of food, between 10 to 15 products, many of them new in the market by less money that you would pay in the supermarket.
I think is a good way to try things that perhaps you wouldn’t normally buy but it can make a difference if you try… and common it’s a box full of goodies and surprises!

How it works
You pay each month (you can cancel whenever you want), get your box at home and enjoy!

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Yes my dears I do have a £6 off (almost 50% discount) just for you!
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Let’s see May’s Box

As first picture, it lasted 2 minutes since my tot decided he wanted to eat (almost all of it!). Without any sugars, only the ones from the fruit, it tasted wonderfully and juicy. Will keep my eyes on the supermarket for them. need to have more!

Soft and practical to have at home or when to go on a picnic.
In my case it was on a little picnic with RJ to the park. So tasty!!

Excellent past! See below the recipe.

Loved these rice cakes. The layer on top makes them a real treat, instead of the normal and plain rice cakes which are boring. Will definitely buy more!

Oh an adult moment!! Me and hubby tried these and are great!
Full of summery flavours and refreshing.

I am waiting for the right time to use (and post) a pulled pork glazed with this Jack Daniel’s Barbecue glaze… yumm!

Lovely juice of Pomegranate. drink it with some ice and
it taste great along a corn on cob.

Love this!! I have used over toasts or in Rj’s porridge instead of honey.
I love dates so I would be biased on this… but tastes great! And low calories as well!

What a fun cookie! A Misfortune cookie!! I still haven’t tried it but I am always looking at them. Waiting for hubby to come home to try them!

Great snacks! You can add them to your purse or
take it to work for a mid morning snack.

I’ve made a quick and easy Recipe with what came on Degustabox:

Primavera Pasta 
(Primavera = Spring)

– 500gr of Garofalo Pasta
– 2 large Red Bell peppers, sliced
– 1 can of sweet corn
– 1 bag of runner beans, sliced
– Salami or chorizo
– Lactose free Soft Cheese
– Cheddar cheese or Lactose free cheddar

– Boil the pasta as per instructions
– in a pan, put a little olive oil, add the bell peppers, runner beans, sweetcorn. If you are vegetarian keep it like this or add salami or chorizo.
– fry for 5 minutes, just for the vegetables to soft down.
– in a pyrex add the pasta, the vegetables. I added some lactose free soft cheese to give it consistency. Is optional.
– Add the cheese on top
– put it in the oven for 15 minutes (200C – 350F), and then 5 minutes on grill to give some colour and crispiness.

Everyone will love it!! Enjoy!

What do you think?

Cheerio #degustaboxapril

Thank you to Degustabox

My opinion is honest and Unbiased

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