Design Pieces in Decor that makes a Difference

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This is not the first or the last article I write about statement pieces when it comes to Decor or even in Fashion.

As with anything in our life (and in my opinion) less is more. I do like a very minimalistic space, cosy and inspirational.

As a bit of a Nomad Family, we tend not to have too much furniture but of course, we do love having pieces that travel with us as mementos as our fashionable pieces.

Your Home is a reflection of you. Fill it up or be minimalistic, your home should be something you enjoy and feel “home”.

There are pieces that you can add that will create a “statement”, meaning, it will brighten up some corners or create points of light and colour, being practical. During this holiday season, I have attached some nice and minimalistic pieces.




Claudette Shelf Designed by Caos Creo


A shelf is that kind of furniture that can be used in different sets and creating different places.

For either a practical use of space for storage, for a bookshelf or just for decor, there are several ways you can attach them and where to attach them.

Use them above that door on the balcony to support storage boxes, or use it as a kids bedroom shelf for toys or books, or why not use it on the living room for decor…

Super Decor Tip for tiny bedrooms (or for those that don’t like bedside tables): Use the shelf for a bedside table!



Flower Stand


There are flower pots or flower stands. But this one of my favourite. Not only for how it looks but the amazing several ways we can work with it.

I wanted to have a terrarium for some time, but as I am preparing to move (once again), I was simply delaying that idea. Then came the Hole in One (picture above) and my creative ideas started flowing.

Imagine redoing every season, tiny pumpkins and Halloween decor, to poinsettias and little pomegranates in real moss bed for a more Christmas look, etc. The amount of ideas is flowing, fun decor, stylish decor… endless!

For the Foyer, to a Living Room, Bedroom or even for a more Jungle Bathroom. Choose the Flower Stand that makes your creative self shine.



Christmas Gift List Decor Lamp


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