Dirty Velvet from London : Rebel Clothes for him SS16

Girls time to think about our men and give them a little Rebel pride with the new SS16 collection.

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I’ve already posted (past year) in HERE, about the previous collection from the Dirty Velvet brand.

I love this brand for my husband (and me *wink wink*) and I wanted so much for them to create pieces for us women!

The quality is exceptional, these guys know what they are doing, they know their cotton and their sense of design mixed with a wild side of life makes of them a celebrity among celebrities, because everyone wants to wear their clothes.
Celebrities such as Gary Barlow, Usain Bolt, James Corden or Russell Howard to name a few, plus FHM praised Dirty Velvet in their magazine.

Fabulous quality, the printing is of such of good quality that after washing so many times, it won’t fade. They look like new!

Check out this year’s picks with my special model


Want to have one of these? 
(Click in the pictures below to be redirected to the Website)

My praise is really high on Dirty Velvet clothes 

Cool, Practical, Stylish and most of all Good Quality, 
is what I have to say from Dirty Velvet.

What do you think?

Cheerio #DirtyVelvet #Menfashion

Thank you to Dirty Velvet
My opinion is honest and Unbiased

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