Parenting tip: Car Mirrors and the Car seat Law – What is the best choice?

Some of the questions that I get is about a subject that I have never spoken here on the blog:
What mirror should you get to check you baby in the car.
Is it safe, will it fit, will I be distracted…

With a full market of Mirrors is kind of difficult to choose.

I’ve got something for you about it.
Take a look!

One: yes You will be distracted by the cuteness of your baby, and No you can’t afford that distraction!

Two: There are bazillions of mirrors in the market and till you found one perfect for you, you probably will buy (or have bought) different sizes and with different prices… I did.

The problems you will encounter:

  • Will fall off
  • Will bobble around until they fall off
  • Expensive
  • Too Big
  • Too Small
  • Unclear image (rubbish quality mirror)
  • Did I said Will fall off??

Yes those were the problems for me and the stupidity of falling of because even if the mirrors say it’s to all car models…they aren’t… And mine always fell off… until they day it fell off and I fed up with it and throw it from the window… I didn’t… I’m civilized… I imagine it but thrown it in the bin.

Another thing that you need to have in concern is the law in your country.
Every country has a Regulation about transporting babies and children in the car. These regulations do not exist just to pass some bills but is for your baby protection.

The law requires all children to travel in an appropriate child restraint until they reach 135cm tall or their 12th birthday – whichever comes first. It’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure this is the case.

It’s important to be aware of the definition of ‘appropriate’ child restraint – this has so far meant the correct group for a child’s weight.

Car Seat Groups: Faces: Group 0+ Rear
Weight range: Birth to 13kg
Approx. age guide*: birth to approx. 15 months

Faces: Group 1 Usually forward (can be rear)
Weight range: 9kg to 18kg
Approx. age guide*: 9 months to approx. 4 years

Faces: Group 2/3 Forward
Weight range: 15kg to 36kg
Approx. age guide*: 3 years to 12 years

*Experts have largely advised that when you should move your child up to the next stage depends more on weight than age.

So the law in the UK, according to the, tells you that:
The law requires all children travelling in the front or rear seat of any car, van or goods vehicle must use the correct child car seat until they are either 135 cm in height or 12 years old (whichever they reach first). After this they must use an adult seat belt. There are very few exceptions.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that children under the age of 14 years are restrained correctly in accordance with the law.

The law is different for buses, coaches and minibuses with seat belts fitted. Details are provided in the Other Vehicles section.

If you need to read a bit more about Child Car Seat, this article from the Huffington Post is very good and easy to understand, Read HERE.

Returning to the Car Mirrors.

I had all those problems above.

RJ is now 19 months old (*snif*) and is now facing forward, but I couldn’t let this moment pass by without showing you this Cool, practical, easy to install mirror. Everyone should have one!

Back then, in my search for a good mirror, there was a light… a yellow one.

Royal Rascals has, until now for me, one of the best mirrors (if not the best one) I have ever seen, tried and used.

Their mirror is a major sale, even if for now is their only product, but being the only product is not a bad thing, it means they have made all the efforts to make a Good product… and definitely is!

Royal Rascals say about their product:

As a ‘parent-to-parent’ company, we understand that ensuring your little ones are safe and sound is a full time job – which is why we created the Royal Rascals Baby Safe Mirror – to deliver absolute maximum safety for your baby when traveling while guaranteeing you peace of mind at ALL times

The Royal Rascals mirror will help you quickly discover if your little one…

★ has been sick
★ has finally fallen asleep
★ is in direct sunlight
★ is out of harm’s way

HOW will the Royal Rascals mirror guarantee your baby’s maximum safety?

★ SAFETY YELLOW – grab a glance of your baby in a split-second without dragging your eyes off the road for longer than needed
★ Shatterproof mirror – built tough so your baby is 100% protected ALL of the time
★ Lightweight and convex – a large panoramic view with a frame that won’t injure should it fall
★ 360 rotation and tilt – a clear view of your baby at any angle
★ Dual adjustable straps – fits any car and won’t slip out of place or wobble during transit
★ Optimum mirror size – not over or undersized – the best view of your baby without being a dangerous distraction while driving
★ Soft touch frame – OK this isn’t entirely about safety BUT it does mean it’s pleasant to touch without the cheap plasticky feel!

My review about it:

Excellent excellent excellent product! The reviews tell you that, i tell you that and plus: Easy to mount, it won’t fell because of their straps, you don’t have to search for the mirror because the yellow is there, and that yellow will tell people from the outside that there is a baby there. The rotation of the mirror is perfect, so while is mounted it ill stay fixed while you adjust the angle.

My Quest for THE mirror is over and I am so happy that I have met Royal Rascals!
A good company, good quality and care about our concerns (if you need something or have any concern, drop them a line. For that go to their Website (click on the logo below)

Want to buy one?

BUT!!! I have one of this wonderful mirrors to give

Cheerio #parentingtips #safety

Thank you to Royal Rascals

My opinion is Honest and Unbiased

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