Discover 5 Amazing Benefits of Filtered Water

Water appears to be everywhere but the truth is that only 0.3% of all the water on earth is useable by humans! The majority of the water that is usable has passed through rocks and soil. This allows contaminants to join the water supply, these range from minerals to fertilizers, pesticides, and even bacteria.

That’s why there are water treatment works to clean the water before it is sent to your home. However, the water can become contaminated after it leaves the treatment plant, that’s why many Australians invest in water filters. The two most popular options are carbon filters and reverse osmosis Sydney.

You may be surprised by the 5 benefits that filtered water provides.


1. Clean & Safe Water

The most obvious benefit is that you’re drinking and using clean water in your home. This ensures you’re not inadvertently consuming bacteria or other contaminants that will make you ill. It also removes chlorine and other chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.



2. Improved Taste

If you’ve ever tasted filtered water you’ll know that it tastes significantly better than unfiltered. This is because the contaminants have been removed. In particular, the chemical chlorine is eliminated which drastically changes the taste.

It’s a big improvement.


3. Reduced Bills

If you’re concerned about water quality then you probably purchase bottled water to ensure you have high-quality water. You may wish to note that the quality of bottled water is not necessarily any better than tap water.

Having a water filter fitted means you’ll never need to buy bottled water again. That’s going to save you a significant amount of funds over a period of time.



4. Long-Term Health Benefits

Did you know that chlorine in the water has been linked to allergies? Chlorine, in its gaseous form, is a key element of nerve gas. It’s designed to damage the respiratory system. Removing this from the water helps to ensure your health remains good.

But, that’s not all. Water treatment plants often add fluoride to the water as it is believed to strengthen teeth and bones. While this is good, more recent research suggests that it may increase the risk of cancer. Removing the fluoride via water filtration will help you to maintain long-term health.


5. Higher Hydration

Your body is approximately 60% water, it needs a regular intake of water to maintain healthy cells. Water allows nutrients to move into cells and toxins to flow out. This is why experts recommend 8 large glasses of water a day.

What you may not realize is that filtered water is higher-quality and increases the level of hydration you receive in comparison to tap water. This is because the contaminants have been removed.


Final Thoughts

Choosing a water filter means a small amount of expense now. But, the trade-off is better health and lower expenditure in the future. That makes it a worthwhile investment and one that every house should benefit from. Maybe it’s time you check out your local water filter supplier.


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