DIY Boxes for a baby Boy Room

One of the things that I always wanted for my baby to remember, is that his mum made custom things for him and his bedroom.
While I was pregnant (some months ago…seems so far away now), I was searching for boxes to put in his bedroom.
I wanted something fashion and practical (which is not very usual or simply expensive), but even searching in the great baby shops, I still couldn’t find nothing that I liked.
So putting my pregnant head working, I decided to made my own boxes.
I went to IKEA and saw theses boxes (comes in a Pack of 3), then in another shop bought some ribbon and the final work is here:
  • Set of 3 round Boxes (this pack is also in squares) from IKEA
  • Ribbon
  • Special glue for this materials

How to:
  1. Take out the Lid of the Box and measure the ribbon and how you are going to glue it. Mine is horizontal, along the diameter of the box, in the middle upper side of the box.
  2. Put some glue drops (not to much or will stain the ribbon) along the ribbon and box while putting the ribbon in the box surface.
  3. Let it dry properly

What are my boxes for:
  • Big Box: Nappies
  • Medium Box: ointments, vaseline, lotions, antiseptic gel for hands
  • Small Box: Dummies (Pacifiers), Dummy Holder

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