“Sorry, my Mistake” – Common Mistakes in a Relationship

“Sorry, my mistake” and then someone leaves without speaking about how they are really feeling or the situation itself. How many times this happens in relationships? Too often, and when that happens, normally is a bad scenario.

Let’s see them:

Not Talking

Rule number one in any relationship is: you need to communicate. No fuss, not scared to talk, no drama, no anger. Plain and simple – if you feel any of the above, your relationship is toxic, and you can’t be you. Maybe your partner is too demanding or controlling? Maybe you have a lack of confidence because of x number of issues. Maybe you or your partner is struggling in the bedroom due to a health issue that is causing embarrassment or anxiety. ED, for example, can affect men of all ages, and there are places out there like this ED Clinic Vestavia Hills out there committed to helping them get the issue under control so that you can both enjoy intimacy once again.

Talking is the best a good couple should have. Being in a relationship is not all roses or daily perfect. There are days and days, sometimes we need time off without talking, other times we have our head full or work problems and might use harsh words to our partner that has nothing to do with those problems. Apologize, say you need some alone time, a couple of minutes. They will understand.

Communicate. Talk. Say what you need to say in a good manner.

Assuming Something

Assume is to make an “ASS” out of “U” and “Me”. It is a good lesson, and you won’t forget now.

Assuming a “relationship is forever”, has been an unreal idea that Disney and fairytales spread. Sorry to disappoint you. The truth is that there is a 20 per cent chance that it can happen. Crazy right? Right.

Assuming you have the perfect relationship or the perfect partner, your Prince/King might be true, but assuming that life will treat you like a fairy tale is something we need to:

  • Grow up and work a relationship
  • Talking and sharing = Sharing is caring
  • Mutual respect

You can be the most different personalities, be from different poles of the world, speaking different languages and still there will be something common between you, that brought you both together: that is 2 peas in a pod situation.

Growing Up

When we speak about growing up, it can be literally growing up, in terms of years, but have you noticed how sometimes being in a situation or with someone for, let’s say 7 months, and looks like you know them your whole life? That’s a growing up. Being mature about your thoughts, needs, how to react, or even ways of talking. That reveals growth.

How you and your partner can think of something that will make you smile, when you take a specific picture to show her/him, when you leave a message with a private joke between you too. That is a growing relationship.


Rule number 2: if you’re in a relationship without respect… it’s not going to last at all! Pure and simple. And for that, both of you are in this.

How many times do we see a couple calling out diminishing names to each other, and then they make out? You think that is a good thing. No, it’s not. They are being led by attraction, and attraction is not love. The key point here is how they tore down each other with bad wording, losing respect for each individual. In a relationship, whenever someone is down, the other brings it up. If they are both down, at some point, one of them will take care of the other one. Sharing is caring, remember?

Positivity is also a good key factor for any relationship. There are days and moments, and not always we can be happy and dancing. In a good relationship, you both need to care.

So, have you said to your loved one that you love and miss them? We surely did.

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