Dressing up for this Christmas with Smiffys

Since RJ was born last year (2014), me and my husband decided that each year, if we could, we should take a picture each Christmas with our son dressed from Christmas cards or to give the photo to grandparents and family or even for us as parents and my RJ scrapbook (yes…I am a kindly Beverly like…Beverly as in Beverly Goldberg from the Goldbergs).

Fortunately we had last years cute pic, him dressed as a Santa elf with 3 months old), this year we have a cute Gingerbread man!

The arms have mittens attached, so the hands can be covered or not

Thanks to Smiffys I could have this picture this year and the costume is so cute. 
The costume is really well made and very warm! Easy to dress this will make the delight of everyone and on the Christmas party.

Now… Adults!
My husband, as any other dad, wants to dress up as Santa. He wanted his Santa costume to make the magic of Christmas eve and Christmas day be (even more) felt at home. He always wanted to make this even before we have our little family, now of course it’s more imperative to have it. 

And we have a wonderful surprise from Smiffys!!

He now has his Father Christmas suit forever!

The details: gloves, boot covers and belt

The bag is not included!
The attention to all the details is wonderful. The Belt and gloves, the trousers that has an elastic so he can have a huge belly (we used pillows, but Smiffys have the belly, that you can use for other costumes) and what about those boot covers??

For these photos, we didn’t had the beard but I wanted to post these photos before December since Now it’s the time to shop for these costumes…and it’s Black Friday!!

My boys all happy for this Christmas!

And Later on I became Mrs Claus!

And I have to say that I LOVE my Mrs Claus costume!!
It’s so well made and with such quality that It still amazed me. I am quite skeptic about good costumes but I never thought that what you see in the picture is really what you get and Smiffys has done it again!
This suit come with the Skirt, The Corset, the Gloves, Hat and Neck cover. Nice and cosy. 

What do you think?

Get the costume HERE

I give a huge thank you to Smiffys for giving my “men” and myself a gift and we were so happy with the costumes!

Smiffys has our 5 star rating! 
Good quality and originality on the costumes.
Well done!

Cheerio #smiffyshohoho

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