Easy makeup tips for the moving day

There is simply never enough beauty products, is there?

Whether you’re matching the lipstick to an outfit or replacing an old brush, you usually end up buying a bit more than you should. Of course, when getting ready for a night out, this is perfect. But, when you’re preparing to move house, impulse buys like this tend to end up in the ‘maybe’ pile. If you’re going to be moving to a big city, such as NYC, for example, we’d suggest taking in the costs of re-purchasing similar items there before you decide what to do with them. And, after you’ve checked out a couple of tips for finding the best movers in Manhattan, read through some of these easy makeup tips for the moving day…

Makeup advice for the moving day starts with packing everything safely

The most important thing with makeup and moving together is not to underestimate the chaos of a relocation. Sure, it might not seem like much at the moment, but after you’re done placing everything into boxes, you likely won’t be able to find the right shade of anything if you haven’t been following a system. Not to mention that some of the products can end up breaking, spilling or even damaging other items during the transportation. Start by being prepared for the moving day accordingly.

Before packing anything, purge everything

If you want a few easy makeup tips for the moving day, start with a thorough purge.
Do you know which makeup you use the most?

Purging only your closet and shoes simply isn’t enough. Go through your makeup, as well. Everything which you haven’t used in a long time has to go. Things which have expired shouldn’t even be in the makeup kit in the first place. If you only have a little bit of cream or powder, use it up or toss it. It’s important that you’re decisive and brutal during this purge. If not, you may end up carrying useless, more than half-empty containers, with you, which will only waste money. Then, when you’re done with this, before you start packing, take a look at the list of all new movers. You may just find the perfect company for your relocation, because it’s time to book a moving day and get an estimate.

Keep it organized and labeled, especially for the move

When you’ve finished deciding what is going with you to your new home, it’s time to organize it and label it. Be sure to have a list of all items at hand, so that you know exactly what is in which box. It’s best to use clear Tupperware or Rubbermaid. One of the best easy makeup tips for the moving day is packing what you use the least first. Start with some of the tools, shades or nail polish bottles which are only for special occasions.

If you’re looking for easy makeup tips for the moving day, here are the ones about packing

If you have everything separated and organized well before the moving day, it will be easy to put away in time. Of course, leave the most necessary items, like your everyday products and makeup, in a bag to keep with you. As for the rest, here are the packing tips which we’ve got:

  • Like goes with like is the general rule. As a bonus, it will be easy to find items once you’ve begun unpacking.
  • Protect your palette – use bubblewrap. Bubblewrap is the miracle straight from God during a move. We’d
    It’s important to keep all of your products organized as you’re packing for the move.
    Another one of easy makeup tips for the moving day is keeping everything organized as you’re packing it.

    suggest wrapping your palette securely into it, so that it stays safe during the trip

  • Lipstick needs to stay cool – especially if you’re moving in the summer. One of the most common mistakes that people make when packing makeup is leaving lipstick to melt and mush together in a box. Consider packing it to keep with you, especially if you don’t have a large number of them.
  • Makeup needs to be VIP – it needs its own box. Have you ever had a lipstick smear on a shirt? Imagine a lipstick loose in a box of your things… Hence, use regular padding for this box and be sure that everything is securely wrapped. Ziploc bags are perfect for perfume, liquids and moisturizers. Also, some stretch wrap can work wonders for closing open-lidded makeup organizers.

And when the day of the move arrives, there are a few easy makeup tips to know

The moving day usually arrives like a dawn after a long battle with your current home. Mostly everything is packed. You’re either panicking over the last few boxes or attempting to find something which has already been packed. Regardless, makeup that morning tends to be either light or completely forgotten. So, if you’re looking for a way to quickly get ready for both the moving day and your movers, here are a few tricks.

Don’t bother with easy tutorials online, stick with what you know

If you want to both look great and not be stressed on the moving day, keep your usual routine.
The best routine for the moving day is your usual one.

In this day and age there are plenty of ‘morning makeup’ or ‘easy day makeup’ videos which will blow your mind on YouTube. However, while they are perfect for any other day, don’t use them on moving day. Why? Simply, you’ll be tired, probably missing a few of your makeup tools in the packing and in a rush. Hence, so you won’t lose any more time than necessary, stick with what you know and do best. It will be a ten minute makeup session in the bathroom and a carefree move after that!

Your everyday tools and preferences are one of our easy makeup tips for the relocation day

As we’ve already mentioned, new is great… But, for a special occasion when you’ll have a bit more time. The day of the move isn’t the perfect time to experiment with neither a new shade of lipstick nor a new brand of blush. Instead, use what you prefer. Getting your makeup right on the first try will help you feel good about yourself and more confident for the day. Not to mention that, should you need a touch-up during the day, you will be able to simply grab the ‘makeup essentials’ bag and fix it.


Guest Post by Monica Smithers – Thank you!


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