Cool Kids Fashion with Farah Jeans

…straight from London Fashion week Kids.

Unfortunately this year I couldn’t go to LFW since I was with a lot going on in terms of blogging and events, so I had to miss the farah Jeans show (*sniff*), but let’s see for January/Feb 2018.

I have to speak about Fashion for kids.

Right now, RJ a 3 year old, very tall for his age, he is so tall as a 5 year old but slim.

His clothing needs to be durable in every way, not only in washing as for nursery, because he is very active and has a lot of energy, as any toddler is. I think most of you will relate to this. (#tiredparents).

That’s when I met Farah Jeans.


Farah Jeans Junior kindly send me some pieces for RJ.


After have been using them, took them to vacation and washed them, I have my piece to say:

I absolutely adore them! The fabric is of good quality, really good sewn, no faults or whatsoever.

The style is practical and a cool kid type, a type that I like RJ to wear: comfy and durable, plus uber cute!

The Jeans:

  • Are in a military green, the jeans are actually called Joggers which is a mix of jeans/sweatpants but stylish.
  • With a tie on the waist, the fact that has a waist and ankles bands, will be practical for any weight or height…..and awesomely good with boots for this fall time.
  • Resistant and look good.


The longsleeve shirt:

  • The shirt is in midnight blue. I chose it this colour to work well with the military green and for example a pair of brown boots.
  • Made of a good and comfortable fabric, when i washed it it didnt have any (bad for skin) ink, so perfectly safe on the skin. Fits well and is really a basic shirt that anyone should have, including kids.

See more from Farah Jeans



RJ even went to his !st even with me and met Cbeebies presenter Ben Faulks

I loved Farah jeans Junior collection, what about you?



Thank you to Farah Jeans for this opportunity.

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