Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Around 4.7 billion people worldwide use social media, so it goes without saying that if you want your online marketing to be as successful as possible, you need to utilize social media to reach as many people as possible.

Of course, even if you are already using social media marketing as a way of attracting customers and making more sales, that does not mean you are attracting as many people as you could be.

If that is the case, below you will find some simple tips to help you elevate your social media marketing strategy:


Use it

The first point I’m going to make is that you actually need to use social media if you want it to work for you. So many companies don’t use it because they are B2B businesses, for example, and they don’t think they need it or because they are a local company and they think they can rely on footfall to see them through.

The thing is, everyone needs social media to succeed right now, so whether you are a glass scratch removal company selling services to other companies in the building industry or you ate a local cafe, if you don’t use social media, you will not be as big a success ad you could be.


Choose the right platforms

Some businesses think that being on every platform and posting the same content on each will be enough to see them succeed. This is really not the case.

If you want your social media marketing to be effective, you need to work out which platforms your target audience is using the most and focus most of your energies on killing it with great content on them. You only have so much time, so use it wisely.


Plan your content

If you are not already planning your content months, even a year, in advance, then should change that right now. The sooner you plan it, the easier it will be to find important events, national days, and things like that, which you can use to promote your own content and get as many views as possible. If you just wing it, you will miss a lot of potential chances to drive traffic your way.


Tell stories

Instead of using your social media to sell, sell, sell, try to craft stories about your products and the people who use them., This will be way more engaging than a post that basically screams “BUY MY STUFF” so you will get more followers as well as more conversions, and draw more people into your brand.


Showcase your crew

Make your social media more personal by letting your employees lose with behind the scenes photos. Personal product recommendations and videos showing them all around the office, and will humanize your brand.


Social media can really boost your sales numbers and bring in many more customers for you, but you need to ensure that you are really putting the effort in to make that happen.


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