Father’s Day Gift List: My Vitibox

Adults: have you thought about a Subscription box with Wine, delivered every month to your door?

Yes, it exists and yes it’s sooo worth it!
And Yes…It can be a great great gift on this Father’s day, take a look!
I have to admit that as any subscription box, I was anxiously expecting it to arrive.
A subscription box of wine every month…think the surprises!
But My Vitibox is not a box just for a subscription… and this i liked very much.
They personally search for good wines, normally for little wine producers families that have several years (decades and sometimes more) made with organic produce in the old fashion way or with the love of making a good wine.
I am not a person to drink too much. I don’t drink just because (hate drunken people and how they behave), I like to drink a good glass of wine and if I smell it’s too chemical I simply don’t drink. Resuming: I like good wine.
My Vitibox brings 2 bottles of wine each month with a book inside letting you know some facts and the truth of the wine you’re drinking.
The fact is that I’ve learned so much and will take care from now on on certain thing when I buy a wine, such as:
  • What type of grapes are used and if there is a mix
  • For how long can I keep that wine at home (wine has a best before you know?)
  • Use your senses as Eyes, Nose and Palate
  • What type of food I can pair it with, etc
On my video I show you the unboxing for you to see what I’ve got on the month of May, and some recipes, like the french Chef recipe (stop the video to read better if you want to reproduce the recipe) as well as other facts.
My Vitibox was really an excellent surprise.
It’s a great gift for father’s day or for an special occasion for anyone, so a Wine Gift will be appreciated.
Pair it with some knowledge and a good time tasting it and it’s beyond perfect!

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Cheerio #myVitibox
Thank you to My Vitibox
My opinion is honest and unbiased

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