Fetal Movement: Movement Matters!!

By any means, this post is to scare you if you’re pregnant or not.

Is to alert you and to help you or give you knowledge of what can happen. 

Tommy’s recent survey showed that 52% of women would be worried about looking for help when they notice reduced fetal movements due to a fear of ‘wasting midwife’s  time’.

It is heartbreaking to think that babies’ lives may be lost because women are not aware of the importance of monitoring fetal movements. Or because women are afraid of ‘wasting midwives’ time’. Raising awareness and empowering women to seek help promptly could save lives.

Stillbirth rates are shockingly high in the UK – in 2015 we ranked 24th out of 49 high-income countries. For every 220 babies born in the UK, one is stillborn.

That’s why Tommy created a campaign to be seen by as many women as possible. In Norway, a similar campaign brought stillbirth rates down by a third.


When you’re pregnant, sometimes starting around the 16th week, your baby will start to move. He has space and kicking or hiccuping will happen.

everyone feels at first the feeling that something is rumbling in the stomach or “butterflies in my stomach” in a real sense, and you have the first contact with your baby. Even if you are feeling nauseated or sick, this is a major thing for us mothers – and fathers to have a little feeling of their baby too!

My Story:

My story, some of you know about it, was a troublesome but happy one.

I suffered from nausea and dizziness the whole pregnancy, stopped at 7 months, the returned on the 8th month… Well I was happy but miserable with how much weight I had lost. I only got a proper belly at 6 month and a half… and then the belly had a spurt of growth in days. I didnt had a chance against stretch marks… hey but happy for my little one.

But I was really conscious about one thing: Fetal Movements. You can read a lot about parenting and babies, but absolutely nothing will be like you plan.

The fact is that for (I think) 5 times, I rushed to the maternity because I couldn’t remember feeling my baby. And this helped me and my baby!

Even if pregnant women have “loss of memory” in pregnancy, I didnt want to risk the “Oh I can’t remember but it probably…” – no, absolutely not. I rushed every time I couldn’t feel my baby or couldn’t remember.

My baby was always moving, it was his character, and this told me that no one, no midwife, no doctor, no mother can explain to you: Use you mother instinct… it;s you in charge of this little person, you know what is best for him and you’re the one that needs to make the decision.

One word of advice in pregnancy:

  • don’t you worry what others may think of you. You’re in doubt? Call your midwife straight away. She is there for you. It’s not a bothering thing, it’s her job.
  • Want me to be realist? When you think you’re about to lose that precious baby, that the fact is that he may die, you get strength in all it’s power, because a love from a mother is a powerful weapon.
  • It won’t make you a “less mother” or an “idiot” for asking help. It will make you a conscious and reliable mother!


Quit the nonsense of “being a burden to anyone”, ask for help! Or else you can lose your precious little one, and miss his smell, putting him to bed, touching him, seeing him smile and him growing.

This is me sharing you an experience tip.

Probably I was exaggerating… probably… but I have my son safe and sound with me.

Don’t be a fool – Be a Mother!

Fetal Movements matter – Ask for Help!

Ale x


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