The Stigma of Fostering and Adopting – How can you help on this Children Day.

153 million children worldwide are orphans (estimated by UNICEF) can you imagine how much love is missing and care is not given?

In my clinic, I have worked many years with people that wanted to get pregnant through natural ways. Through combination of acupuncture, exams, and homeopathy, we worked out how to actually see the days of ovulation and to make a proper detox of the body of both parents (yes both!).

They either didn’t have the money to an appointment and treatment, or simply tried the treatment and didn’t work, or a few that were my patients for years and trusted me to make the treatment.

I can say that a whopping 70% were successful in having babies, and I was trusted to take care of them afterwards; those that unfortunately couldn’t help, I presented them with the option of Adopting or Fostering.

Personally, I always thought of adopting or fostering, and I still have that in mind.


The Stigma

There is a stigma that Foster or Adopt is a hard process. Depending on the country and following laws, when you really want and everything is ok with your life (financial and at home) the process is actually easy. Now the time of wait depends on what ideas are.

Fostering is different of Adopting. Many people foster first and adopt the child while fostering. Normally fostering means that the kids have a range of ages from 8 to 17 years old and not many people like the idea of fostering because they want a “baby”. But to be honest, these kids have been through a lot, and they are still kids! They want to be loved, and they will look at you as a saviour and a role model to follow. There are impressive positive stories about foster kids being the perfect match for the family that are fostering them and have brilliant futures.

Adopting actually takes more time (again, the papers are easy, depends only on what you plan is), but doesn’t mean its impossible.


The Happy Children’s Day

On this 1st of June, the International Children’s Day, I dare you to share your fostering family and if you adopted, to share your story.

Share you heart out about this. Spread the why to adopt of foster, so please lose the stigma of fostering and adopting, and let’s give those fatherless kids love and a future, a role model they can follow and make them our own family.

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