LOGO Lite game by Drumond Park

Those ingenious Drumond Park creatives have come up with a stupendous double whammy! 
Not only is the brilliant new LOGO Lite a tense, fun and fast game concept in its own right… it also DOUBLES UP by providing the much begged-for additional questions for the original LOGO big brands game – with its pack of two hundred and sixty four fully compatible new cards!

Embracing an even wider spread of companies, organisations and products, the LOGO Lite family game encompasses a completely different way of playing. Simple but compelling, this game is a fantastic way to bring people of all ages together – so needless to say it’s set to be hugely popular this Christmas. (*hint hint*)

In the inimitable fashion of the unique LOGO concept, playing LOGO Lite also generates fantastic, buzzing team-talk, as each question card prompts a raft of multi-generational memories and anecdotes among the players. It’s also compact enough to conveniently tuck into your suitcase for loads of extra holiday fun, too!

What is inside Logo Lite

Family Game Night

In our family game night is normally from After lunch time to diner time playing and eating normally some cookies, crackers and hummus, sweets, candies, chocolates…have I referred candies??

Candies anyone?

We are NOT competitive… just kidding, we are! We love each other but we do love a good session of competing between us to be the master minds of this universe! 

Logo Lite was voted as one of our all-time favourite games! It can be played by 2 or by 4 individuals and with that war started. I wanted t film a whole game for you to see how hilarious we are. But probably you and your family are as well!
You have cards about a specific brand, about a certain category (like sweets), you have cards called Pot Luck which can be questions about any brand.
(The cards with the name of the brand in the front normally you can guess better because on the Pot Luck they are mixed and you don’t have a source for the answer).
The rules are simple to follow up, the pieces and the cards are very readable and playable and it’s really a question of knowing facts…or try and guess.

The rules are easy

Here’s how it goes…

Each player chooses one of the four differently coloured Disc Holders which surround the spinner. 
The youngest player goes first and the player to his or her left will be the initial Question Master (QM), who asks the questions.

Three types of Question Card – just like LOGO!

Just like the original LOGO board game, there are three types of Question Card in LOGO Lite: 
  • Picture Cards
  • Pot Luck Cards
  • Theme Cards

The QM takes the front card from the tray and asks the player the first of the four questions shown on it.

If the player answers correctly, he or she gets to spin the Spinner and place the coloured Disc that matches the colour they’ve spun onto their Disc Holder. 
If they already have a Disc of that colour, they don’t get the chance of a spin… and move on to the next question, continuing through to the end of the questions on the card – which is then returned to the back of the tray.

The QM asking the questions


But if, during their turn, the player gets a question wrong, the QM quickly asks it to the next player to the right. If he or she answers correctly, they take a bonus spin*, and can pick up a Disc. 
If not, the question goes to the next player and so on, until someone gets it right or all the players have got it wrong. 

The QM asks the next question on the card to the original player, with play continuing until all four questions have been dealt with. 
Play then moves on to the next player who is asked his or her set of questions from a fresh new card by a new QM – the player to their left.

(*If just two people are playing – there are no bonus answers and the QM just goes to the next question on the card).

The Disc Holder

A frenetic fun-filled finale…!

The aim of the game is to be the first player to place all six coloured Discs in their Disc Holder.

Things really hot up as you start filling your Disc Holder with Discs and it becomes harder and harder to spin the right colour to complete your set! 
As the game nears its thrilling climax, there’ll be lots of laughter and squeals of frustration, particularly when players answer questions correctly… only to spin the spinner onto yet another colour they already have!

Take it from us – you’ll be surprised just how many times you have to spin that spinner to get the last colour you need and win the game… But you’ll certainly have fun trying!

This is a fantastic Christmas gift idea…

LOGO Lite game this Christmas for rrp £19.99! 

LOGO Lite is the perfect introduction for anyone new to the LOGO concept of big brand names in various game formats – all of them much loved by the UK’s multi-generational army of fans.

And for those who’re already engrossed in the brilliant LOGO games series, LOGO Lite also provides a whole new set of those yearned-for question cards, that will breathe new life into the original LOGO game!

There’s something for everyone in this fantastic ‘brand’ new game – which will, without a doubt, be a winner this Christmas.

Drumond Park’s Adult, Family and Children’s board and action games and magic sets are widely available from most major toy shop chains and independents, plus many department stores, grocery chains, catalogue and online traders.

For more information and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com

Thank you to Drumond Park
Cheerio #LOGOLite

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