FunKids Digital Radio and Online

Contacted by FunKids (a huge huge thank you!), I discovered one HUGE and FUN Website and Radio!!

FunKids is a Digital Radio online, you can hear it online on your computer or in your mobile or tablet.
You have your own radio shows (to all kids range of age), some of the shows are sponsored by CBeebies by BBC, and you can hear the news of the world, fun facts, stories with your favorite characters (I was just hearing: Thomas The Tank Engine in Fun Kids Junior with Charlotte), hear the music that is on the charts, win some wonderful prizes and even learn facts or a new language!

Online Radio on the computer

As a Parent:
Big 5 stars! Is already on my Booksmarks and will stay there so my kid can hear the music and stories and play online. Is a simple website, well structured and easy to read and search for anything.
The radio shows are really well conducted.

If I was a kid:
OH…MY…Goodnessssss….I would thrill daily and make it my number one thing to check daily!

I took some screenshots so you can peek some of the things you can find in FunKids

Some of the Radio Shows (schedule)

Learn New things

Cool News and Events! Never stay out of the cool things again in your city.
I want to go to Dino Snores!!!
How to search for Fun Kids in a Digital Radio…

…Or other ways you can listen FunKids Radio

I recommend to click below in the logo and check for yourself

FunKids Website

FunKids Facebook


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