Genius Tech You Need In Your Home

If you are a lover of all things gadget and everything tech, then you are likely thinking about bringing as much of this technology into your home as physically possible. It’s fun to live in the era we do today because there are so many amazing inventions made each and every day to help us make the most of our lives.

Here are just some of the fun things you can bring into your home to make your life more tech savvy and automated.


A Home hub



The first thing you can think about bringing into your home this year is a hub such as this Kino AV one. A home hub is a place where you can control everything in the home from your appliances, TV, lights, and even your doors and windows. You can create a system which allows you to check the safety of the home when you leave and to enjoy the technology of when you are at home or entertaining guests.


Colour changing lights



One of the more fun gadgets you can bring into your house this year is colour changing lights. You can use the Philips Hue lightbulbs and they will change brightness and colour when you ask them to. This can be a really fun way to create an atmosphere in the home in the evening such as when you are playing a game or watching the TV. Just imagine watching a horror movie with an ominous red glow surrounding you… creepy right?


Google Home



If you love playing around with different gadgets and talking to Siri on your phone, the Google Home station is an ideal thing to bring into the house. Here you are able to simply say ‘ok, google’ and ask anything you want. You could be trying to solve a debate with a loved one, wondering what ingredients you need for a cake, or even wanting to play some music while you work. It is a cool gadget and certainly one which is incredibly fun for you to use!


Furbo dog monitor



If you have a dog in your life, it can always feel like you are abandoning them when you go to work in the morning and leave them in the house. However, not to worry because you can easily keep an eye on your best friend throughout the day by using this furbo dog monitor. This is a monitor which has a camera, some treats inside and then also an app which you can use on your phone. It means that during the day you can say hi to your dog and give them a treat or two to make sure they know that you are there for them and you are thinking about them.


Self-cleaning vacuum



Who enjoys vacuuming the house? Nobody! Why bother doing it yourself when you can buy a motion sensing vacuum cleaner which will do the job for you? It can be a fun gift to buy for your partner and can be a really useful gadget to have around if you have pets and children who make a mess all the time.



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