Getting Summer Ready with Body and Mind Healthy

We reached that time where everyone is tired and anxious about daily life and simply needs a vacation.

It’s also the best time to get your tickets and hotel ready, and for the British is normally abroad in a sunny place.

When you go abroad for a Beach vacation, there are some things that you should have in your bag, and I am not talking only about Sun protection SPF 50 or food and water (loads of it), but also having to let go of dark and negative thinking and bad mood on the side. That kind of baggage.

After all, you will either travel with your family or with friends, and vacation is to have a fun time and letting go of stress. being in a country where the days are normally short, you have lots of rain or grey skies and snow, is easy to get into depressions or dark moods, but when sun comes along and the days get warmer and longer, we need a couple of things to settle our minds and make our bodies reconnect with a more fun and light filled place.


Pick your Holidays



The best and first step to make all happen. Book your holidays on a camping site or a resort, or see the best plane tickets and hotels to stay.



Meditation or Chill Out time



Either you go to a gym for a meditation class or do it at home, why not try it for yourself?

I like to lay down or sit in a comfortable position and think about sunny days in a place filled with light. Sometimes I can hear the waves crashing or the wind and the birds chirping. It can be 5 minutes of your day, well spent and even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, you will achieve that smile when imagining the sun and warm place. It takes practice, but its a good thing to get hooked up.



Get your Wardrobe ready



You still have some months to travel, so instead of spending everything last minute, go and check online and grab good prices in Swimsuits and Beachwear online.

Select you Bikinis or swimsuits, your Beach dresses of Kaftans, Sandals or hats. Your Style, Your Picks. Remember if you get them one at the time, you can pick good quality and favourite pieces, instead of buying them in bulk at the last minute.



Set Rules



Either with yourself or with your family or friends, set rules without being strict. After all, it’s supposed to be fun. Set rules such as a schedule of things to visit, hours to get to the beach and to get dinner, plan restaurants and who stays with whom in the room.



Plan Activities



I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop and lay down on a beach the whole day without learning nothing or doing nothing. I can do that a single day, after that I need to keep moving.

Plan activities like Yoga on the Beach, take a volleyball ball and have a fun game with other people on the beach (meeting new people), plan visits to places (museums, sightseeing), rent a car to travel around, etc.


Have Fun and Be Mind Happy!



This post is an advertorial commissioned by SimplyBeach

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