Sealife Birmingham: Getting near the Fishes

It’s not the first time we go to Sealife in Birmingham.

We went there probably 3 years ago, Richie was very little to appreciate it properly, but now with almost 5 years, he was really excited.

We got the promotion of 2 attraction tickets for one, the Combi Ticket, Sealife and Legoland Discovery centre (tomorrow the post comes out), and we had such a fun day, since both attractions are near one another, you just need to cross over the bridge.

Situated on the Brindley place, Sealife is in a super location, with car parks, restaurants and the beautiful canal near.

Note: As the environment inside the Sealife is with a Dim light, I do not have the proper gear to take good quality pictures, otherwise I would need to wake the fishes with the light for that, which I will not do as respect for the wildlife. So I just got some pictures that might be blurry. Sorry guys.



We went at the beginning of March, on the Shark week, and the theme for Sealife was about Jawsome Sharks. In a very quiet atmosphere, watching the fishes, known or new, getting to learn more about the Ocean and their habitats, we cannot forget about the penguins that you can see swimming and the carer treating them (just need to consult the schedules to see the feeding times).



You have a lot to see on the Sea Life and a bunch of events scheduled. I actually like the event Quiet in the Aquarium, dedicated to children with Autism or other sensory requirements. I think is so special to create an atmosphere regarding the ocean quietness for children, The calm and soothing sounds of the sea. Is really a great idea.

Don’t forget to grab your passport on the reception, to go through the stamps and learn a bit more about fishes and the Ocean. I really like the atmosphere of Sea Life, that quietness that we sometimes we need, and Richie likes that kind of calming places, so a perfect place to create memories and bond as a family.

Make also sure you pet (carefully) a starfish and feel their rugged skin.



On the Shark week, and being sharks the main theme, We went on a quest to find and identify shark tooth…and they are difficult and a lot! To be honest I think Parents went on a competition-mode while kids had more fun!

And walk on the beautiful 360 Ocean Tunnel and see the Sharks, Turtles and other fishes of the tank while you walk among them. I simply love this tunnel.





It was such a good experience and a cool day. Plus the combi ticket makes all the difference for parents to grab a good opportunity.

Check your Combi Tickets for Sealife and Legoland online.



Thank you to Sealife for having us!

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