Getting your Own Private Medical Corner at Home

With the amidst of the Coronavirus, people and families, in general, started to realise that their “medicine cabinet” wasn’t sufficient when something urgent, such as we are going through, is happening.

The normal medicine cabinet normally comprises ibuprofen, paracetamol, dental floss and maybe a pack of bandages as a minimum, and people started to realise that maybe that first aid kit is not enough as well.

So don’t worry and don’t panic, following this article will give some lights with a low budget must-have things.


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

First Aid Kit

There are many types for many budgets of First Aid Kits.

Just make sure yours included the minimum things, such as several types of bandages/band-aids, gauze, tourniquets, thermometer, cotton swabs, adhesive, scissors, cleaning wipes, etc.

Either for home or the car, get one that has a case or little bag to be portable.



Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

Nebulizer or Respirator

Yes, there are several Nebulizers or Respirators to use at home (or portable) for both adults and children.

For people with respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis, as well as allergies or colds, this portable nebulizers can be a great help. Using their mist, it helps the lungs to hydrate and/to release phlegm and expectoration.

Another great option, but for personal usage, is a sleep aid nose air purifier that can be used for snoring as well.


Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

Digital Thermometer

A must-have in any household. Either you’re single or with kids, everyone needs one digital thermometer at home.

Practical and useful, there are thermometers specifically for the forehead, as well as those that can be used in the forehead and in the ear. Choose whatever suits yours need and likes.



Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

Face Masks

Many people are running wild about these now. But what about those years when no one would ever dream of wearing a face mask even if they were with a cold/flu? Hopefully, the whole world finally understands that the use of a face mask is a conscious thing to do even after the COVID-19 is over.

Face Masks are one of the most valuable things right now, but still accessible if you buy them online.


Image by leo2014 from Pixabay

Disposable Gloves

Another thing the world started to appreciate: Disposable Gloves.

But be careful! Most of these disposable gloves are made of latex/plastic/rubber and very harmful to our environment.

The reason while we are still consuming them is they are cheaper, one single-use (so no contamination afterward) and long-lasting storage. As always, think before using them.


Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

Washing and Sanitizing

With the new COVID-19, we received another warning: people stopped doing the basics, such as cleaning their hands regularly.

Seems ridiculous? You don’t think you fit? Try to remember a month ago how many times you washed your hands during the day, especially while staying at home.

Preferably wash your hand with liquid soap and best of all using a soap dispenser. If you are not at home and out and about, use the sanitizing with at least 60% of alcohol in it.

There are many types in the market, so choose if they are portable, or bigger for everyone at your household, etc.

Image by 琢 王 from Pixabay

Air Purifier

One of the things that have been talked about previously here at Alejandra’s, was the need of an Air Purifier.

Air Purifiers are one of the best things to have at home. Either you live in a metropolitan city, or in a country where pollution is more severe, or simply you have allergies or is someone with breathing problems. An Air purifier is the best alternative to breathe better.

Fact: The UK has a problem with children breathing problems, making 66% of the kids in the UK with breathing problems. They have a campaign regarding pollution and the air that is breathed in schools. 



Make sure you keep attentive to any symptoms and if you have any concerns about you or your family, call the direct helpline in your country instead of going to hospitals or your local doctor.

Prevention is the work, but keeping calm is the best medicine.


Be safe.



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