Getting Your Skin Ready For Fall With Genucel

Summer can take a harsh toll on the skin. Long days outside in the fierce sun can damage delicate skin. Even with the use of sunscreen, there may be lingering problems with unwanted redness.

As summer passes, it’s more important than ever to get skin ready for the challenges of fall weather. People want to look great when they slip on warm autumn clothing. They want skin that glows underneath a hat and sets off the jewel tones of a favorite sweater to perfection.

Fall also poses hazards that need to be taken into account when working with skincare routine. As summer gives way, high winds sweep in and hit the face. Long days outside may also create problems with lingering intense sun. Icy, stinging hail and snow can hit people in the face and cause pain. This is why it is important to prepare one’s skin fully as the season’s change.



Natural Ingredients

Fortunately, now more than ever, people can take advantage of nature’s bounty. Natural products like those from Genucel have been shown to work well against the strains of the harsh fall climate. Genucel is useful for many reasons. It contains natural materials such as peptides and varied kinds of plant extracts. It also has what is known as PhytoCellTec (TM) Malus Domestica.

These are plant stem cells extracted from Swiss apples. The skin care formulation has many other types of ingredients known to offer lots of benefits including algae extract as well as green tea leaf extract and goji berry extract.

These have been shown to improve the appearance of the skin and help promote new growth. It’s also been shown to help reduce the feeling of puffiness that can make skin feel heavy and uncomfortable as the fall season continues into winter.



Special Attention

Special attention must be paid to all areas of the skin. The heat of summer can impact many areas including the scalp, arms, feet, and face. As the heat ends, now is the time to look closely at all areas and see what problems have developed.

The sun can cause wrinkles around the eyes and in other areas. A lingering tan may look good but many women find it leaves freckles and other unwanted spots on the body. Many women find it ideal to consider how to develop a new routine that lets them think about how they can make their skin feel refreshed.

They want to keep the glow going as they lean into fall and beyond. Many women also want to think about how best to head off any potential problems before they become more serious. Doing so allows them to greet fall looking their best and feeling even better.



Lots of Options

Lots of options exist on the market today to help skin retain that glow. A good routine begins from within. Now is the time to think about making sure that you continue to get enough water to stay hydrated. When the heat leaves, this does not mean that people need to stop drinking water.

Long days outside still mean the need to keep skin looking good with lots of liquid. The same is true eating properly. Fall presents plenty of opportunities to enjoy fresh fruit like apples and pears. The same is true of hearty and thick soups that give nutrition and satisfy at the same time.

Exercise is also an important aspect of fall skin care. Careful attention to details like enough liquids, a good overall diet and lots of exercise makes it easy to greet fall happily.




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