The Magical Rings from Poppy Angeloff

The world is all about disposable fashion right now. Items are quickly and carelessly mass produced, consumers buy them, and then the item either breaks or is no longer popular. Then the consumer throws it out. This is a wasteful way to live on a planet that already has too much garbage and debris from the many people that live on its surface. That’s why Doe Deere decided to make her jewelry company Poppy Angeloff. This new line of jewelry focuses on crafting items that are capable of creating a lasting impression for years to come.

Doe Deere is primarily known for her makeup company Lime Crime. She recently sold her brightly pigmented makeup brand to Tengram Capital. She is now focusing her creative energy on Poppy Angeloff. Poppy Angeloff is the opposite of Lime Crime in numerous ways. The company is focused on creating products that are lasting and not just flash in the pan trendy items like how a makeup company does business. It produces far less waste as well compared to a makeup company which involves quite a bit of packing materials that have to be discarded. The Lime Crime company was made of materials that could be recycled and the company was concerned about being free of any animal cruelty. The products were also Vegan.


Princess Ring: Aquamarine and Pink Saphire in Silver


The Poppy Angeloff company is a new, yet fitting part of Doe Deere’s life as an entrepreneur. She recently welcomed a daughter into the world with her husband. Welcoming a new life into the world makes sense that her focus new entrepreneur pursuits are on products that are lasting and better for the environment. Therefore, her new rings will be better for the future that her own daughter will inherit in the years to come.


The Pansy: Enamel Flower in Gold


The jewelry from Poppy Angeloff is made to be long lasting and timelessly elegant. They are jewelry products that are made with the intention of being kept in the family to be passed on to the children or grandchildren someday. This used to be a typical thing for families to do with their jewelry because older jewelry was made to be lasting and used as family heirlooms. Poppy Angeloff jewelry is stylish for today and for tomorrow. Each ring in the current collection is made to be something a woman would love in this day and age and for future generations to also marvel at its exquisite design.

Poppy Angeloff has introduced the world to a few new magical rings. One of the rings in the collection are the Soulmates rings. These rings include two gems on the band. They are based on the concept of Victorian sweetheart rings. The rings may represent two people or they may be a ring to express self-love. They make for good rings to give for anniversaries, holidays for those you love, or as a gift to yourself.


Goddess Ring: Citrine and Amethyst in Silver


The Soulmates rings come in The Princess, The Goddess, and The Queen styles. The Princess is delicate and features an aquamarine and a pink sapphire on it. The Goddess has an amethyst and a citrine gem on the band. The Queen features an emerald and a ruby upon it, just as any queen would wear.


Queen Ring: Emerald and Ruby in Gold


The other ring that Poppy Angeloff introduced is their Pansy rings. These delicate floral rings are made to be elegant and dainty. The rings feature a beautiful pansy on the band. One of the rings is the Pansy, which resembles a traditional purple pansy you would find in the garden. The thin band is made of delicate gold. The other Pansy ring is the Snow Pansy. The Snow Pansy is white and blue with a thin silver band that complements the flower elegantly.

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