Head Over Wheels: Signs You’re A Little Too Obsessed About Cars

Car lovers unite! If any of the following signs are true to you, then you may be a little more obsessed about motors than the average car owner. You needn’t be ashamed, although if you have ever considered marrying your car, a little bit of counselling may be in order.

Signs You’re A True Car Obsessive

  • While your wardrobe is sparse, your car is dressed to the nines with the latest decals and high-tech accessories. Comparing your Tesco and Halfords receipts, it’s clear where the majority of your spending lies.
  • Your head is a fountain of knowledge… about cars! Having kept up to date with the latest motors, from the new Vauxhall Zafira to the 2018 Dodge Challenger, your skills in a pub quiz are second-to-none, until the questions veer away from anything that isn’t about all-things four wheels.
  • When planning your family vacation, you have two things in mind. First, how long will it take to get there by car? Obviously, the longer the better for you! And then secondly, what does the family’s idea of a destination have to offer you as a car lover? From the Geneva Motorshow in Switzerland to the Daytona Speedway in Florida, the family can spend their time skiing or at Disneyland while you spend your time following your car obsession.
  • Your social media pages betray your obsession. Your profile pic is your car; your photo gallery contains an array of pictures of you and your car (including your selfies), and the only Facebook groups you have joined are about you guessed it… cars! And your relationship status? No points for guessing that one!
  • Your best mate wants to borrow your car. A family member asks if you will give them driving lessons in your motor. Next door’s cat has decided to perch herself on your bonnet. Whenever anybody encroaches on your pride and joy, your anxiety levels go through the roof. In short, nobody is allowed to touch/get near/ sit in the driver’s seat, except you.
  • There is so much you could be doing on your weekend away from work. You could take the kids out for the day. You have the opportunity to get on with the housework. Lounging in the garden could be just the thing if the sun is out. But no! You spend the day waxing/polishing/washing/gazing adoringly at your beloved car instead.
  • One look at your DVD collection can tell anybody where your obsession lies. From Tv series such as Top Gear to the latest Fast and Furious movies, your shelves are probably made up to look like a car to match your four-wheeled passion.
  • You have a strict set of rules for anybody setting foot in your car – no eating/no smoking/no shoes/no talking/no moving – your passengers will become as much of a nervous wreck as you do when they dare to break any of your self-prescribed car laws.

Did any of the above ring true to you? If so, you really are a true car obsessive, but you don’t need us to tell you that fact! Thanks for reading, and happy driving!


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