Holmes: Game’s afoot in CasinoEuro!

Disclaimer: This Blog post was sponsored by CasinoEuro and contains links and text about gambling.

Have I ever said/written that I am a Sherlock Holmes fan? Have I? No? Well, I am and have read every single book, story, movie, audiobook, and played anything related to it.

I do love a good mystery and crime game.

It gives you the knowledge in certain things as well as putting those brain cells on the move, and actually using the brain for something complex… which I kinda love it!

If you have been following me on Social Media (@AleLifeOfficial), especially on Instagram, I was recently at an event organized by CasinoEuro, and I had the most wonderful and fun night at The Dorchester Hotel with several bloggers and celebrities.



Sherlock Holmes was the theme surrounding it and an excellent group joined in for a Murder Diner with an actual Sherlock Holmes and Scotland Yard’s Constables (actors of course) and between props and everyone turned CSI agents, asking questions and even doing some forensic tests, the Trophy came to my table (we are soooo smart!) and eventually I got the trophy by the Sherlock Holmes itself (woohoo me!)… It was amazing how you can be so absorbed in playing the game, it was thrilling in fact.




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Why Sherlock Holmes theme?

Because everyone secretly likes a challenge and playing detectives… And well, CasinoEuro has a popular online slot game on their website called Holmes and the Stolen Stones.

The game consists of a spin game, but you can win up to 5 jackpots. The more shards you collect, the more chances you will have to win and increase the chances of those jackpots.



I find it really easy to play and with a good layout. The atmosphere of the game is very British late 1800s, typical Holmes, and you have several amounts to bet. There are mini-games, depending on what sequence you have made in the spins, one of them is opening the left side door to reveal a warehouse, and you can choose the boxes which can be revealed from new shards (to increase your winnings and accumulate with the ones you have), more money and that (dreadful) bomb that stops you from choosing more boxes. The more shards you have, the more extra winning.


Till now, I’ve been lucky

How to play:

Go into their website, CasinoEuro, and create an account. You will need to deposit real money in order to play and you have a 100% welcome bonus.

You can play on your Desktop or download the app for Mobiles and Tablets.

Just a quick tip: Make sure you check the bonus for every day as well as 1st-time players, they can give you quite some bonus to play, and it’s worth checking it on the website.

Casinoeuro website is a very conscious website. You have a help section with all the FAQ’s, live chat for any problem and a Responsible Gaming section where you can take a little assessment test about responsible gaming.

I liked how they make sure you are aware of the gambling responsibilities and still have fun in the several games and live games, such as roulette or poker.

Remember: Have fun, but be responsible.


To create your account, go to their Webpage: CasinoEuro.co.uk

Disclaimer: Please read all the T&C of the CasinoEuro website Here. This is a sponsored post. This blog post IS NOT an incentive to gambling. We are all adults and responsible, be sure to be one too.


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