Blogging World: Positiveness VS Competing

The Blogging World can be tricky…or not. For me, it’s not. I love what I do.


“Aren’t you afraid of Competition?”

This is not the first to the tenth time someone, either blogger or friend, asked me this; and every time my answer is: “NO”.

I don’t believe in competition unless we are playing Trivial Pursuit or any board game or even a game of darts. As a healthy competition, I must say.

This is not High School. And even then, I didn’t have any competition and the only person that I competed was with myself and my grades.

In adulthood, to think you have competition is mainly because of one thing: You are insecure about yourself and your work. Nothing against the people that asked me this, love you to bits, but I think this is something to talk about.

Like any other person, I sometimes have blockages in writing and producing. This happens especially when you are too tired, and you are doing multiple things or something is actually happening in your life that deserves bigger attention, and you can’t think of other things. This happens to everyone, absolutely everyone in life will go through this and is no shame to say it, specially to Brands or PRs about this. They are people too and they deserve to know what is happening with you and your work since they are sponsoring you with their products/money, etc.


I don’t believe in competition. I don’t have competition, if others think they are competing with me, well…thanks??


You, your life, your content, and what you do, are absolutely unique. If you go searching for “competitors”, you will start losing your uniqueness to embrace what others do…therefore YOU as an essence, are corrupted. If you think that you need to be better, take some lessons, some tutorials in Apps and even on YouTube or any social media have them online. Train yourself to be better in what you do, research about things, buy or recycle things to have better photographs… But be yourself.

Free your self-esteem of the paradoxes of the modern society where everything is “beautified/photoshopped”, be unique, and be REAL.

Life isn’t fair, but lady Justice is blind, and we can turn a lemon into a lemon tart and eat it! And what people like to see is a reality in you, and in social media. Otherwise, you turn on Netflix and see a TV show or a film where things aren’t real.

Be positive about yourself and your work. Positiveness attacks positiveness, and you really don’t want haters. And competition will bring exactly that: comparisons with the one you’re competing with, and haters.

Traffic and followers will come when you feel and share positiveness. You want people to be there, loyal, not coming and going. Make plans, and write down a bunch of topics you would like to write about.

You are Unique, write and show uniqueness. The Raw side of life that really exists in any of us.

You are in a Blockage moment, don’t worry. It means you need a bit of time for yourself to focus. Good brands and PRs will understand. We are all human beings.

Be positive and don’t compete.


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