Home Fitness Gym – a Practical Approach

By Millie Lowe


No question! almost all of us, to any extent, are conscious to the need of the exercise for our health and fitness. We always try make it happen to our best capacity. Some on the regular basis, others not so frequently.

Many of us have joined a gym, more than once, but failed to show the commitment, especially in the longer run. This is one of the setbacks to our gym-based exercise and fitness programs that we are not regular and committed. Three months maximum, and the excitement of seeing the positive signs of our workout pushes us into a relaxed mode, to say “I think I should skip it today, will do it regularly from tomorrow”, and then voids and gaps are extended to days and weeks, until we put a complete stop on it.


Home fitness is the way forward to your fitness ambitions

The fitness programmers, equipment manufacturers and instructors have increasingly become aware of the lethargy surrounding the gyms, and have tried to work out ways to attract people to them. The fitness equipment industry itself has evolved around the customer need and convenience, and has started marketing the equipment in sizes, shapes and weights to allow and facilitate the establishment of gyms at homes and offices.

The home fitness equipment has made it easier for us to implement rigorous and light exercise programs with the convenience of anywhere, anytime. It is always very hard to spare time from our busy urban life for our health and wellbeing needs, but thanks to the flexible home fitness equipment, we can regularly, no matter how small it is, do exercise at our homes anytime during the day or night. Even half hour daily walk, jogging or running on the treadmill in any corner of your house or garage, should suffice the need to exercise. You can do it anytime and do it more than once in the 24-hour cycle.




At times, you might become vary of your home fitness equipment, but mind you! the equipment doesn’t. It will grab your attention every now and then, even when you are trying to ignore it. Who knows you start doing exercise regularly again, and the start might just be triggered from the cleaning of your equipment. The important motivating factor of your home fitness equipment is that it is always laid out in front of you.

The idea of the exercise pops up on your mind every time you look at it. This is relevant to just one or two exercise machines in your living room or in garage, and if you have a proper gym of any size at your home, your exercise program and experience will have a different perspective to it.

A possible thought that you have unnecessarily wasted the money on your home fitness equipment, if you have not used it for quite some time and it is becoming wary teary, might get you into the exercise again. Anything is possible, even a small excuse can sometimes become a motivating to trigger the fresh start.


It adapts to all your fitness and wellbeing needs

The home fitness equipment manufacturing industry is using modern and innovative technologies, including the information and mobile/wireless technology, in the design of the equipment, to give the exercise-lovers and needy a greater time efficiency and higher output.

The latest equipment is smooth in operation, endures greater weight and pressure, updates the user on progress in the exercise and fitness regimes such as millage and METs burned and much more. We are always keen to monitor the progress and changes in our shape and fitness during and after the exercise, and attached devices and softwares and now even mobile apps are making it increasingly possible now.

This is even more relevant and significant to the monitoring our health, especially if we have special health conditions, to keep ourselves within our limits. So, the modern home fitness equipment is not just the alternative to outdoor or commercial gym-based exercise options, but has adapted in design, technology and functioning to take care of our health and wellbeing too.


It is easy to establish, even easier to dismantle

The use of the phrase home gym might sound too big to you, as if it involves some heavy equipment. It does not. The home fitness equipment is similar to any other gym equipment. The number of the equipment, however, can be limited to one or two pieces. The equipment is very simple to put together and use. For small and one-piece equipment such as cycle you just need to bring in and start using it straightaway.

You do not have to organize place for it. For motorized and electrical equipment, you need to plug it in and start exercising. For the equipment that comes in more than one pieces and is rather sophisticated, especially if you have not used it before, you will need to join all the pieces together manually and mechanically to make it ready for the use. Putting together simple equipment is easier, you can follow the instructions from its user manual and do it yourself.

For the sophisticated equipment, you might need to acquire the services of an equipment engineer or instructor. It is important from your safety point of view too. For use of the sophisticated equipment you can follow the instructions, but if you do not feel confident, do not try it all, especially when you are alone. Some consultation and instructions from a fitness instructor can help you get going in the beginning.

You can dismantle the equipment if you do not have to use it for a longer period to properly store and maintain it, and if you are relocating you can transport the dismantled equipment to your new place.


It is a cost-competitive ambition

The level of your investment into the home fitness equipment largely depends on the number of equipment, but overall, the cost is not very high. It is well within the budget range of each person. You can avoid full-fledged financial commitment into it upfront, by starting with one or two equipment, and then as you grow into your exercise and fitness program, you can buy more equipment. You can also put the expense of your home fitness equipment on your credit card, and get it financed by your bank or your employer. Some companies financially back their employees’ home fitness ambitions. The cost is also compensated to an extent by avoiding yourself from buying expensive commercial gym memberships.

If you properly maintain your home fitness equipment and avoid additional costs such as repairs, you are able to keep the total investment on the lower-end of your expense on your fitness and health. Another possibility, which you should consider rather carefully, is to share the upfront cost with your closer friends and family members by allowing them to use your equipment for the exercise. It can also be beneficial in terms of keeping you the company and motivated with their participation.


Important tips

· Don’t make your home fitness equipment, especially heavy weights, easily accessible by children.

· Store your equipment at their properly allocated places, secured and even locked, after their use.

· Clean and properly maintain your fitness equipment to make them function for longer period and avoid repairs cost.

· Don’t use the equipment, especially don’t lift heavy weights, when alone. The presence of your partner or a family member can provide you timely assistant in any mishap such as sudden weight or equipment collapse.

· Allow spaces for crossing of fresh air and exhaust of unclean and hot air in the fitness area so you get the best natural temperature while exercising. Also maintain sufficient and possibly natural light in the exercise area.

· Take care of other health and safety precautions in your fitness area so you are timely alerted during emergencies.

· Provide the required level of power supply/voltage to the fitness equipment to avoid incidences such as fire.



About author: Millie is a fitness instructor, consultant and a professional blogger on health and fitness programs. Currently she is associated with Xn8 Sports, who specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories


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