Top Tips For Marketing Your Locally Focused Business

Marketing a locally focused business is much different to marketing one that operates on a national, or even international scale. For starters, they are usually much smaller, and with that comes a much smaller marketing budget. It also needs to be highly targeted, and reputation means more than anything.

In this post, we look at some tips to help you to manage your marketing strategy for your locally focused business, so that you are the first business that is tagged, the first business that is recommended and are a significant part of your local community.


Make sure that you have a website and social media

Many locally focused businesses think that they do not need either because people will recommend them or just know about them, but if you don’t have them, you are missing out. A Local SEO Company will help to improve your local search engine rankings, but people want to know where you are, when you are open, your prices and offers and so on, which is where your website comes in handy.

Your social media is also a good way of showing a bit of your personality and sharing any relevant information, such as a change in opening hours. Use your page to comment on local Facebook pages and groups – positively, of course – as the more people see your brand, the more they will remember you.



Make sure that you are serving their needs

Make sure that you are actively engaging with your local community to find out what it is that they want or need, and give it to them. This is where many local businesses really stepped up to the mark during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Printing businesses were offering to print out school work for parents without a printer, small grocery shops started offering free deliveries to vulnerable customers, stores donated resources to local healthcare centers and hospitals. As well as making sure you serve their consumer needs, make sure you are giving something back to the community too – it will not go unnoticed.


Be visible

We talk a lot about being visible online, but it is just as important to be visible in person, too. If you live somewhere where there are a lot of community events such as fairs and festivals, attend them ‘in brand’.  Again, it is a good way to offer your services in a positive way.

Maybe offer to do refreshments for free at your local school concert in return for an advertising banner behind you and branded uniforms. Attend local sports events and show your support. If people see you, they will remember you.


Provide the best customer service

Good customer service is important in all businesses, but never more so than in a locally focused business. Reputation and word of mouth is the most important and most impactful form of marketing, so if a customer has a bad experience with you, they could potentially put a lot of people off using you. In a small area, that can be devastating.



Images from Pixabay


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