How can couples create a wedding playlist that’s unique to their guests?

a newly wed couple in their wedding reception

As much as any wedding day is all about the couple when it comes to the evening reception, the newlyweds will want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy an unforgettable evening celebrating their marriage.

To get everyone on their feet after the wedding breakfast, it’s important to curate a playlist that everyone can relate to. Musical choices have such a big part to play at all different stages of any wedding day – none more so than the reception. So, how can couples create a soundtrack that hits all the right notes with their guests to ensure the party goes off without a hitch? Don’t fret about your wedding music – here are our top three tips.

Ask for song recommendations

It’s usual to ask for a helping hand when planning a wedding, so couples shouldn’t feel like they’re on their own with the musical elements. Getting guests involved with the soundtrack not only makes them feel like a bigger part of the day, but also ensures that they’re guaranteed to hear something they enjoy.

A great way to do this is by asking guests to list their favourite songs on the RSVP, so they can be collected and considered ahead of time. Or, for a true impromptu and unique playlist, guests could be encouraged to suggest songs on the night. This way, they will be suggesting songs based on how they’re feeling at that exact moment – a great way to capture the mood of the day.

Choose songs that tell a story

A wedding day is a celebration of two people’s love story so far – but it’s also a chance to reflect on other relationships with friends and family. And there’s no better way to mark the occasion than with some carefully selected tracks, hand-picked from different stages of the bride and groom’s lives.

From that one song that was on repeat in their first year at uni, to the first album their dad introduced them to, looking back at the role music has had to play in their lives is a great way to create a meaningful, unique playlist. For a top tip, if the couple uses a music app, they can look over playlists they’ve curated throughout their lives that are bound to include songs that were particularly pertinent to that particular phase. Incorporating some of these into the wedding playlist is sure to strike a chord with the guests.

Pick songs that facilitate special moments

Let’s be honest, people rarely remember which songs were part of the playlist when reflecting back on a night. In fact, the last song is often forgotten as soon as the next one starts playing. Instead of focusing too much on the type of music to play, couples could consider the tracks that are likely to create the most special moments that will live long in their memory.

More often than not, it’s best to lean on the classics for this. While it won’t be the first or last time they’ve appeared on a wedding day playlist, they can still create moments unique to the people in the room. Perhaps one will be perfect for a first dance with the in-laws, or maybe a track sparks a memory of a childhood dance routine. Whatever the reason behind the moment, including more songs that will facilitate these special memories, is a great way to create a party like no other.

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