How Fashion Geek are you?

We all have our secrets, and one of them is watching a Tv Show, movie or books and get addicted to everything is merchandise… everyone! Don’t deny it I know you like it!

For me, I have several geeky addictions, but this one is so in right now.
Can you guess the show and the character?

So did you guessed it?

It’s starting a new season this month.

Yes it’s Game of Thrones! GoT for shorter.
And my shirt belong to Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of the Dragons

Geek/Nerd Fashion
Is a way of showing your love for a show, movie or book, demonstrating that you know and be recognized by others that follow it too.
Is a fun way to dress and keep merchandise that in a few years can worth a couple of bucks… believe when I say this happens a lot.
Imagine it being a investment.

Tostadora UK (they exist in several countries) is one of those cool places with cool designs and gift were you can find my new lovable sweatshirt!

Excellent quality, fast delivery and thousands of designs, I was so surprised to see from Harry Potter (yeah!) to Back to the Future (whoohoo) to Infinite shows, movies, books, etc.

Made from excellent cotton, with a tiny bit of polyester, is so cool to wear it and someone starts laughing and gave a bow with the head, like saying: “you are cool!”… as it happened this weekend when I wore this on the mall.

What do you think of these kind of fashion?

Click in the picture to have a
Mhysa shirt like mine!

Check more on Tostadora Website below

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Thank you to Tostadora UK
My opinion is honest and Unbiased

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