Preparing your body for summer: Detox your body

One of the rules I’ve learned in Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine is that nothing is better for you than doing a good Detox.

At least 2  times per year.

Let me show you why

You spend 12 months of the year, 365 (this year 366) eating, drinking, traveling, etc.

On those months, either you’re an Omnivore meat eater or Vegan, toxins will accumulate on your body. Regardless your efforts to eat healthy, you’re human and you will cheat, even with chocolate, at any time… 2x, 3x, 4x and more. You can deny it to anyone but you can’t fool yourself.

Pollution is all around us, unfortunately, people smoking around you, and so much more, that when you realize, the fact is you’re dirty from inside. With “dirty” I mean full of toxins on your liver, lungs, stomach, kidneys, at least.

One of the thing I always say to my patients is that at least twice per year, you NEED to detox your body. I prefer normally in the beginning of Spring (to prevent the normal allergies from Spring pollen and get your body ready for a Summer) and on Autumn (to prevent the colds, flus and pains from the Winter).

You can do this detox with 2 types of objectives:
1 – Have a healthy body
2 – Prevention

Today I am going to talk about a Healthy body. (I will post number 2, prevention tips, in a couple of days).

Healthy Body Detox
Healthy body detox is a way of having a healthy body functions while losing some of those desired fats accumulated on the body during the year and the party seasons.
Fats can be accumulated by what we eat, drink and use (as in chemical medicines).

You can detox your body with food, by making a good healthy diet avoiding certain types of food (meat, grains, flours, etc), but sometimes people tend to cut in certain types of food that they think are wrong. If you think eating salads everyday with no protein will be good, it will be the opposite of it.

What diet does to your body if you don’t detox

Eating well is having all the types of food on your plate in a less protein, drink lots of water, exercise and eat at least 5 to 7 times a day in little portions.

As a practitioner I will recommend certain food regarding body type and regarding seasons: More uncooked foods on Summer (fresh) and more soups and warm things on Autumn/Winter. To respect your body clock.

As well as adding some vitamins on that diet.

There are a lot (I mean loads of lots) of brands selling now Detox teas. I am not saying that they are bad, I’ve tried some of the known brands in vogue right now, they are everywhere….the fact is that they are all the same, same type of tea, same leafs, even same package and way of taking it. The price varies, but don’t be fooled if one was a higher price. My point is: what is inside is not enough.
Some people need more helps to detox, because they could have developed an internal unbalance and can be more serious. 

Summer is coming and I want to be thin!
That is such a nice thought isn’t it. The miraculous pill that will help (nonsense) and “I am going to drink everyday some smoothies”… Normally people say this after Christmas… when they are 2 sizes up, filled with turkey. 

So what Detox I should use?
I wouldn’t write here in the blog if I didn’t tried it, specially on the department of health.
I’ve tried a bunch of brand, from teas to green awful mixes, to pills that supposedly “cut down the fat”… bananas I tell you!

But there was this brand that I’ve tried and the way they present it and the way the organize specific schedules for the several types of supplements, surprised me, that at least someone in the middle of these brands have someone reading and researching. 

I’ve tried and I recommend. Why? They have this organized 4 week plan. 28 days of nutrition, shake and teas. I love organization… and knowledge.

So What’s in the box?
This 4 week plan, is organized 1 week in a bag (letting you know which week you start). inside each weekly bag is a 5 day detox pouches (because in fact you don’t need to make the full 7 days), and inside of each pouches is the exact amount of what you need to take. 

Your Weekly Bags
What’s inside each weekly Bag:
a pouch for each detox day.

Daily Schedule
For example: I am doing the Gold 28 Day detox

This brings: 
From Spirulina, to Raspberry Ketones (good quality), to Lean shake (mix with water…no nonsense), Acai Berries (more source of Vitamin C than oranges) and more Superfood shakes and Tea. Everything certified.

And you still eat normally. remember: we are doing a Detox! Not making a strick diet…first fats and toxins out of the body BEFORE losing weight… otherwise you won’t lose weight and will gain more.

What has happened to me till now
I am on the 2nd week, and till now I noticed that my stomach reduced volume. I have been going to the bathroom more often and I feel with more energy.

I noticed that I’m a little slimmer but it reflects on what I was saying about Detox: It can help you losing weight because you will expel all the toxins on your body that are making you bloated. You will “debloat” as part as your organs expelling the nastiness inside.

I like the organization of Nutriplan, seriously I love it. It’s practical because you have all the days prepared in advance, no piles of boxes and bottles, you can take your little pouch in the bag, on you pocket, conveniently use it anywhere and the most important of all: It works!

In a few weeks I am going to make a Vlog letting you know more, but meanwhile I thought of letting you know about Nutriplan.

That’s why

Get your Nutriplan Here

Cheerio #Detox

Thank you to Nutriplan
My opinion is Honest and Unbiased

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