How to Deal with Relationships in Summer 2021

These 2 years – 2020 and 2021 – have been quite different.

Technology was already in our lives, for these past generations being “online” is something normal and they don’t remember how life was before that, but whilst companies realized that working remotely is something that can happen, and shopping online is a bigger reality nowadays in many countries, what about relationships? How are people dealing with relationships in 2021?

Many use apps and websites for meeting new people, others had to be apart either in the world (because of work) or because one was sick with Covid, or because of curfews couldn’t meet up. For many, virtually became the best tool. But is that the best way to have a Cool Summer of 2021? Is this what we can still expect this year and the next one? Yes because for many in the world, curfews, banned travels, and new waves are still on.

Here is what we have learned:


Apps for Meeting

Whilst many of us are still old school, 75% of people in the world said that they have met their husband, boy/girlfriend, or flings on apps for dating. The swipe right and left is a joke that the majority of people know for now, even if they don’t use the apps.

Apps have the positive side that meeting people with the same characteristics as you and matching is a quick way, the negative sides are many: Pictures that are not updated, people can lie in their profiles and other hazards of meeting strange people. Did we mention that people lie in their profiles? Try to have fun, but be careful.


Social Media

Social media, or sliding into someone’s Dm’s, is also something people are doing. Many use social media to engage and get something more out of it. Not everything needs to be about deep relationships, sometimes friendships can happen. Still you should always be careful what data and details you should share online. And also remember that everything in social media is shared and never erased… even if you erase it from your profile, social media companies are very open regarding how files are kept.


When you have a partner… Spice Play it up

Either you have a partner or alone, why not think about playing it up. And yes, it’s exactly that word we want to say.

In 2021, everyone knows about the existence of toys and games for the boudoir. We are all adults here, so we know what we are talking and also there is no taboo on talking about it. Bring the toys to the “yard” and role-play with your partner or alone, many of the toys are now silent and even rechargeable, like Cuddly Bird from Biird, it is so discreet that it can be doubled down as a lamp.



Never thought about post-its in the age of texts? How would you like to get home, after a “super strong message” from your partner and as once you open the door the post-its start, with a scavenger hunt done by orders or messages till you reach the destination with a very nice treasure at the end? Anything can happen and anything is permitted as long as it’s original and fun for both sides.


Ice Cold or Hot

Depending on where you are reading this and the season, make it cold or hot, you choose. Ice cubes have always been fun during the summer, but for many of you readers, our summer is actually your winter, so why not warm up some nice scented oil and give a nice massage to that special person to warm him up? Pun intended…

Either way, make sure the environment is chilled out and even a cool musical background is playing. This effort will make the greatest of memories. If you use scents, nothing like Cinnamon or Lemongrass with Mint. We have a thing for Lemongrass.


How to play it virtually

Many connected with someone during these years virtually and for many reasons, the relationships built but never actually had the possibility to get together. That is actually more common than you think. And who knows… maybe is the real thing and will be a real deal sooner than you think. In that case, virtually can happen for both. So why not use tech and have fun? With or without toys, sometimes we need to think outside our comfort zone.


Relationships are not hard. Connecting is not hard. We simply need to figure out the ways and reach into a positive mind to keep everything around us positive.



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