How To Impress In An Interview

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An interview can be a daunting thing to go through at the best of times and the pressure to impress the people giving the interview can be overwhelming.

There might be so much riding on you getting the job, and if you don’t, it can often feel as though you’ve failed.

However, even if it’s not a successful one, every interview should be considered as a positive experience. Here’s how to impress in an interview.


Walk In The Room With A Smile

When you’re meeting the interviewers for the first time, try not to be too over the top in energy as this might put them off. A good way to start off the encounter is to greet them with a smile. Wait for them to offer their hand to give them a shake if needed.

It’s always good to assess the vibe of the room before you bring out the level of energy needed.


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Some interviewers will be laid back, while others will be energetic with how they want the interview to feel for the interviewee. A smile can be welcoming for any type of interview panel, so make that smile nice and warm.

Act naturally, rather than forcing a smile because otherwise, it can look quite pained and false.



Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is important because it shows confidence and that also you’re paying attention to what they’re saying. Looking around the room while showing that you are easily distracted and staring down at your fingers, or whatever’s in front of you can possibly give them the indication that you’re shy and you’re not keen on interactions.


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These can have a big impact on how the interviewer or panel read you. There’s also a lot of psychology like mentioned in the University of Southern California, where body language and the way you behave can really influence a situation.



Keep Your Body Open

Body language is another thing to be wary about when you’re in an interview.

The worst thing you could do is to fold your arms in front of your chest. That closes you off and makes you look defensive, something that you don’t want.


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Try to keep your body language as open as possible. Make sure your body is relaxed but not too relaxed that makes you look comfortable.

Pay attention to what your body is doing and look for those tell-tale signs that you’d find annoying or would be a markdown.


Use Your Questions Wisely

And finally, when they ask you if you have any questions, use this wisely.

It’s important to ask them about their experience with the company but to also show as much intrigue into the role and the company as you can.

Don’t just focus on one aspect, try to have two or three questions that cover a variety. That might be hard to think up at the moment, so have them prepared if you can.


Interviews are a stressful experience, so make sure you’ve prepared yourself and got a good night’s sleep.


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